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ten million fireflies lit up the world
November 22, 2009, 10:00 pm
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It’s time for what I guess has become a weekly recap of my life.

Formal and aftermath…

This week was mainly about the formal, so I guess I’ll start with Tuesday.

Woke up at around 11am and basically just messed around at home trying to quench my boredom by watching movies, reading blogs, researching photography and playing games (killing zombies gets boring real fast, and I mean Left 4 Dead, not Plants vs. Zombies). It was all very fruitless, and that’s exactly how I’ve felt these past few days. While I’ve been at home I’ve done almost nothing; I try to pass the time with all those things. It’s true what everyone is saying, post-HSC gets a bit stale after a while. But things like formal and schoolies (leaving this Friday!) are here to break up the monotony of staying at home many days.

So I left home at 5pm with my dad driving and after a whole lot of traffic I arrived at Le Montage just after 6pm; early. At that stage it was just a sausage fest, and girls didn’t arrive until closer to the starting time. Used that time to take some photos of everyone then after Janet arrived we went inside. The venue was… underwhelming. The tables looked pretty crowded in the small room and the tables themselves were pretty crowded. I found it difficult to find a spot to place my camera while eating, so it ended up just going on my lap.

The formal itself… Photos, eating, photos, watching people dance, more photos… There’s really not much else to say. Left early with peoples to walk to the bus stop for the bus to the city, which didn’t come for quite a while, but we managed to pass the time with, you guessed it, photography. Bryan was our main model who posed a little too well for our fashion-style shots. Then took the bus to World Square where we got off and headed into our apartment on the 73rd floor of Meriton World Tower.

The apartment was… awesome. Walked in and it was a huge place- 3 bedrooms, nice lounge room with big TV (which unfortunately didn’t have a DVD player or compatibility with John’s laptop), and my favourite part: floor-to-ceiling windows. Quote James: it was a “photographer’s wet dream”, and he was not wrong. Before the formal I was debating whether I should bring my camera since I thought it would be a hassle, but upon seeing the view from the windows my decision was justified immediately.

Once again, I took some time to take some night shots of the view.

I won’t recount the rest of the night, but as others have already said, it was an experience and an eye-opener.

Most of us waited for the sunrise and watched it, and I don’t need to say what I was doing at the time:

After that, people started to crash and I fell asleep for a good hour and a half.

When I awoke, some people went home and some of us went to Pancakes On The Rocks for breakfast. I don’t remember the name of my order but I had two pancakes, two sausages, a fried egg, a grilled tomato and mushrooms. It was good after a night of eating chips and snacks. After that we headed back to the apartment and everyone left until Janet and I were the only two left. We had the lucky job of scouring the apartment for anything that had been left behind (did Annie find her wallet?), and there was A LOT of food and drinks left. My estimation is something like 20 cans of drink and 10 chips packets. So we loaded it all into three big plastic bags and Janet’s bag and decided to lug them home on the train so that we could bring them to schoolies this Friday (but not before having lunch at Pepper Lunch).

Photos at my Flickr:

17-11-09: James Ruse Year 12 Formal 2009

17/18-11-09: Formal Afterparty – Coming Soon! (I promise!)

I arrived home at 3pm and did the same old thing that I do at home. Decided not to sleep even though I was really really tired (I was literally half asleep and falling in and out of sleep during the bus ride home) because I didn’t feel like it for some reason and didn’t want to disrupt my sleeping patterns. Went to be at 11pm that night and woke up at 1pm the next day; 14 hours of sleep to make up for the lack of the night before, and then chilled at home the rest of the day.


On Friday I stayed home again but went to the Douglass Hanly Moir place across the road from Carlingford Court to have some blood taken out of me for a blood test to find out my allergies. After that we (my mum, brother and I) went to Carlingford Court for some afternoon tea.


Awoke at 9am and drove to Epping at 10am to pick up Janet after her Intuition interview and headed to Chatswood, where we chilled and had Pho for lunch. We then went back to Epping to meet Mindy and Gabriel at Coles. We shopped for quite a while, for ingredients for home-made pizza, then went to Mindy’s place where we made the pizzas and boy it was delicious.


After that we watched two movies: In Her Shoes and A Tale Of Two Sisters. Two very different movies; one girly comedy and one… Actually they both involved two sisters I just realised xD, but the second was a Korean horror film, and it was pretty scary.


Today I drove up to Terrigal with the family for a test drive to our schoolies house. Had fish and chips at Terrigal and then I did some photography at the water before heading back home.

And that is what I’ve done all week!

Anyway, I guess since I can’t blog next Sunday I’ll be blogging again after I come back from schoolies, which will be Friday week.

Have fun everyone. (: Now back to watching One Tree Hill…


summer skin

Every time I blog I realise almost immediately after that there were so many other things I intended to blog about, but forgot to, and by then my blog is already too long anyway. Hopefully I can catch up on some of that stuff in this blog…

Today was Mother’s Day. The day started off with breakfast for my mum; my dad made french toast, MasterChef style. We then drove up (I drove) to Terrigal to visit our prospective schoolies house, called “Aquamarine”, at Forrester’s beach, to meet the owners and make sure it was legit. Turns out the owner, a 40-ish lady named Julie (with her 13 year old son), was really nice, and took us for a tour all around the house and to the beach nearby. I took plenty of photos, which can be viewed on my newly acquired Flickr. The photo set is available here. Then my mum sealed the deal and paid the deposit, a total of $1,750 (half the full fee), from the money I had collected from the group.

At Terrigal we went for a bit of a walk and I took some more photos (the sky was really nice today), then ate at a small cafe called bellyfish. We ordered four dishes to share: chicken pesto with fettucine; tomato, basil and parmesan pizza; chicken caesar burger; and tomato bruschetta with fetta cheese. I had an iced chocolate to drink. After lunch we went for another walk around town, before heading back to Sydney.


Lately I’ve been helping Janet sell some of her old jewelry on eBay. And by help, I mean that I’m making the pictures for her (from her photographs), like this one I did for a brooch:


On the topic things you wear, I thought I should showcase all of the Threadless t-shirts I own. I currently own six of them; the first two were from Janet for my birthday last year, and I recently purchased four more during a huge sale. In chronological order of when I received them…

What Do You Mean You Can’t See Him?


Skip Dessert




A Voyage To Lilliput




Monster Mash Collaboration of HORROR


To end this blog, I’ll leave you with another preview of an artist I discovered recently. Ratatat is an electronic music duo consisting of guitarist Mike Shroud and synthesiser/producer Evan Mast. Now, I don’t usually like electronica, but these guys appealed to me for some reason. I think my music taste is broadening. Check out their song “Shempi” (below), from their latest album LP3.


Wow, that was a pretty disjointed blog with unrelated subjects. Ah well. I promise tomorrows will be better. It’ll probably be art-based again.

“Summer Skin” is from the album Plans.