the passenger seat

a movie script ending

To start off, I just want to say:

I really love 3on3 Basketball.

Not only is it a tournament for my favourite sport, but it’s just an awesome few weeks where everyone comes down to the courts to watch the games. Even though I may not know some of the people that are playing, I just like the atmosphere of it all: how everyone crowds around the court in a nice arc, how the crowd has their favourites and how everyone gets really excited when cool stuff happens. Yeah, I just made it sound so lame. But it’s more awesome than how I describe it.

Today’s games were the epitome of what 3on3 Basketball should be. The first game on at recess was our team (Don, Gabriel, Peter, me) against the year 10s (Joe and co.). Watching Don and Joe go against each other was cool, even though Don was way too dominant, and being able to play while there are a whole lot of people watching is really exhilirating; it just makes it so much more fun. Then there was Aryan’s team (Aryan, Ben, Grubsy, Peter) against Victor’s team (Victor, Michael Liu, Shiva) followed by Swami’s team (Swami, Michael Choi, Milo, Simon) against Sanji’s team. These two games were the most enjoyable 3on3 games I’ve watched for a while- it was awesome and funny at the same time to be watching a whole bunch of non-ballers playing against each other. My favourite player from today had to be Milo. When he hit that three everyone just went off. Awesome.

I mentioned in a previous blog that I have a dog named Tasha. Any dog owner would know how scary it is to lose control of your dog near a really busy road, that is, unless you have a really obedient dog who can walk without a leash. Well, this evening Janet and I went to Dominos for some pizza, and when we walked in there was a man sitting there, waiting for his pizza with his dog- a husky. We didn’t pat it or anything because it would have been a little awkward, so we grabbed our pizza and went to the bus stop across the road to eat and wait for Janet’s bus. About ten minutes after we had sat down, the man in Dominos came out with a pizza and his husky. Something must have happened to the dog’s collar or something, because we saw it take off, running back and forth across Pennant Hills Rd a couple of times. It was frightening to see the cars slow down when they saw it, and I’m sure the dog’s owner must have been scared as hell. The man was holding his pizza and some groceries, and crossed the road to try to get to his dog, who had run towards 7 Eleven. But as he crossed the road, the dog ran back across the road to the Dominos side. We saw it run down the back street near Dominos then back up and then down another street further down Pennant Hills Rd and even into the liquor store and newsagent, where it must have been shooed out of. At this point I think it’s owner must have given up and gone home (we assumed he lived nearby), hoping that the dog would return home on its own. After Janet’s bus came, I went looking for the dog, but it had run down to the K13 memorial. At one point I was about ten metres away from it, but when I tried to call it over and get nearer it turned and ran. It pained me to do it, but when it went round the bend past the memorial, I decided to give up and go home.

I still wonder whether it found its own way home or if its owner found it. I hope so, and even more so because he/she was a really nice dog- a white and grey husky.

Anyway, on a completely unrelated topic…

For anyone who follows MasterChef and/or watched it tonight: I called it.

Tonight I also finished the Adventure Mode for Plants Vs. Zombies. The mini games are easily more fun than the adventure mode.

But that is all for tonight’s blog. I hope the rest of the 3on3 tournament this week is exciting as it was today.


no joy in mudville

Today was a very interesting day for me. This blog will be a timeline of my day.

8:15am: I am awoken by my alarm clock. I turn it off and remain in bed for five more minutes of sweet sleep. It’s weird, but it is this five minutes that somehow allows me to wake up more alert than if I got out of bed immediately.

8:20am: The alarm on my phone goes off; I turn it off and proceed to the bathroom for a shower.

8:30am: I have showered and dressed for school. I then move to the kitchen to eat breakfast- peanut butter on toast and a boiled egg, with milo.

8:50am: I have finished breakfast very, very slowly and packed my bag and my lunch for school. I then go to the bathroom to brush my teeth.

8:55am: I am outside of the house. One of the few fortunate things that happens today is that my mum happens to be going to work at the same time that I am going to school. I save a five minute walk, taking about twenty seconds to get to school by car.

8:56am: I am walking through the gates of James Ruse Agricultural High School. I then proceed to L-block to sign in, then to the common room for my free period. Here, I attempt to do the very difficult crosswords in today’s paper. I don’t get very far. I do, however, figure out the target word- PIMPERNEL. No-one believes me when I say that it’s a real word, so I look it up on the internet and find that it is some sort of a European salad. To skip the boring bits, I then have chemistry and mathematics before recess. During recess I obtain an orange form from Ms. Connors to drop Extension II English. After recess is maths again.

12:08pm: I very quickly walk to the bus stop on Pennant Hills Rd to catch the 546 to Parramatta Westfield. I am with Janet, following Bryan, James and Thashan.

12:17pm: I am on the 546 to Parramatta, sitting in the back seat. I make my first mistake of the day: I walk on to the bus without paying the fare or dipping my Travel Ten. Why? Because apparently I’m too cheap to pay the $1.60 fare in cash, or the $0.70 with my Travel Ten. Stupid.

12:35pm: The bus stops somewhere just before Parramatta station, near the Aldi. It just so happens that Sydney Buses have chosen today to station Transport Officers along this route in an attempt to catch fare-evaders and those using bus passes that do not go to Parramatta. After a few very nervous minutes of the five or six officers checking the passes of the people in front of us, one finally reaches us in the back seat. Everyone checks out except Janet and me; I didn’t pay the fare, nor do I hav a bus pass. Idiot. We are taken out of the bus, joining the dozen or so others from our school who are also in the same situation. One asks for my ID and takes down all the details on my driver’s licence. He does not look happy. He gives me a stern talk about what I’ve done, questioning me while writing. He tells me that I will be receiving a letter in the mail as a warning, and that next time I am caught I will be fined. Phew, it’s not so bad after all. He then lets me go, and I go over to Janet who is in the same situation with another officer. Luckily, he’s a nice guy, and he lets us on to the next bus to Parramatta Westfield.

3:25pm: We board the 548 bus back to Carlingford, and I am careful to dip my Travel Ten this time. I think I’ve learnt my lesson. The bus driver is a lunatic. It looks like he’s new to the job. His driving is erratic; accelerating and decelerating very quickly and he misses a few stops even after people have pressed the button, needing to stop on the side of the road a bit after each stop to let people out. The ride is very bumpy and I quickly start to feel car (or bus) sick.

4:00pm: It is absolutely pouring outside, and I get off the bus in front of Carlingford station, hiding out under shelter there. I have given my umbrella to Janet as she didn’t bring one today, and so I proceed to run home in the rain.

4:02pm: I arrive at school, where I rest a bit in the sheltered area at the back of the hall, dripping wet. Luckily, the rain has died down a bit by now- it’s not pouring anymore- and so I walk through the sheltered parts of the school towards the Baker St side, and then walk home.

4:06pm: I arrive at my home, towelling off and sitting down in my warm room in front of the computer for the next hour and a bit.

5:45pm: I begin to get dressed for my Hills game at 6:15. But then I realise that my only pair of basketball shorts are in the washing machine at this very moment. I quickly fish them out and wring them out as hard as I can, slapping them against the door of my laundry to drive out as much water as possible before putting it in the dryer. While I am doing this, my mum tells me that it’s never going to work, but I persist.

5:50pm: My dad arrives home and we are about to leave for Hills. I remove the shorts from the dryer; they are still wet but I make do. I end up putting on a different pair of shorts for the drive there, intending to change just before the game so that I don’t have to sit on damp shorts. You can’t tell they’re wet just by looking at them and they’ll dry out during the game anyway.

6:00pm: Crap. I am stuck in heavy traffic on North Rocks Rd, and it looks like I’m not going to make it to the game on time.

6:18pm: I arrive at Hills Basketball Stadium, three minutes late for my game. I quickly change my shorts in the car, not bothering to find a parking space yet, and run into the stadium, letting my dad park.

6:55pm: The game is over. We have lost to a team called “CHB” (from Castle Hill High). I then exit the stadium and proceed to drive home. When I arrive home, MasterChef is on, and dinner is waiting. From there, nothing more interesting happens…

12:50am: I begin to write this blog.

1:19am: I am sitting here completing this blog, very tired after a very hectic day.

1:21am: I am about to tag and title this blog before changing the posting time to 11:59pm on May 20 and clicking Publish, because I’m OCD like that. I will then get into my bed to sleep, hoping that tomorrow is a better day. Goodnight.

“No Joy In Mudville” is from the album We Have The Facts And We’re Voting Yes. It was raining today, hence “Mudville”.