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walking on a dream

I had the weirdest dream yesterday. It’s probably only the second long dream I’ve remembered recently. A couple of months ago I had a really vivid and long four-part dream involving Transformers, but I might recount that another day.

Anyway, the only dreams I’ve ever remembered are just like SY said in her recent blog (which prompted me to write about this dream): “I find that when you fall back asleep after being awoken by an alarm, you remember your dreams more easily..”

I’m really paranoid about missing things (or school back in the day) because I’ve woken up late, and so I use both my phone and an alarm clock. I started this system because there was a period of time where I got so used to my alarm clock that I was able to subconsciously reach behind me to turn it off while still in a sort of half-sleep, hence missing it and waking up late. So, I began to use two alarms where I would set my alarm clock 10 minutes after my phone alarm just in case. But then I got into the habit of using the time in between alarms to sleep some more (and those extra 10 minutes actually made me feel more awake when I woke up for real), and this is when I would often have dreams that I could remember.

However, yesterday was a different situation. After waking up early to go to Sydney Markets for some pre-Chinese New Year shopping, I came home wasted and found myself dropping off while on the computer. So I decided to have a nap, and that is when my dream unfolded…

The italic parts are what happened in the dream and the non-italics are things that happened in real life.

I walk into a store (not in a mall or shopping centre, but on the street) and it seems to be a weird hybrid shop that sells everything from guitars to boardgames. I spot a nice classical guitar with the price tag over $1,000 and I remember that I need to find one to buy for my brother’s birthday (my mum had a guitar that as a present the other day). The price tag is obviously too high so I go to the store assistant (a guy about our age) to ask him if there are any cheaper ones. But then a 60-70 year old man walks in and he is joined by two of his friends and they start chatting VERY loudly right next to the assistant and I. I go ahead and ask my question anyway, but the guy mishears me and starts telling me the days and hours that he works at the store, as if I am enquiring for a job (I have been trying to find a job recently). Soon the men stop talking but the guy is still going on about the job details, so I stop him and tell him what I really meant to ask. But he gets pissed and starts mouthing off about how he wasted his time explaining all the other stuff to me and that is when the manager comes over and sees what is happening. So I figure this is a good time to leave the store and as I walk out I see the assistant getting told off by the manager.

For some reason I decide to go back into the store soon after, and I go to the back where there is a desk with a computer on it, so I go to sit there (without using the computer). I stay there for a while but then decide to go outside again to check where the rest of my family is. I see them going into another store not far away so I go back inside and start using the computer (for what, I don’t know). After a while I decide to leave again but as I look through the store’s windows from the outside I realise I have left my phone and wallet on the desk.

So I go back inside to pick them up but the store has somehow turned into a library. As I walk past the desks I see people that I recognise (the only people that I remember seeing are Grubsy and Swami) but they don’t seem to notice or recognise me. I go outside and see my family walking into another store and so I follow them in, and it turns out that it is some sort of mall with a high ceiling. My family walks into Sanity (no idea why it would be that store in particular) and I walk ahead, coming across a staircase; the kind that spirals down in a square to get to a car park. As I walk down I pass a bunch of random people before meeting Janet at the bottom. She is wearing a black leather jacket (I think this was from seeing James’ new jacket).

We go out the door at the bottom of the staircase and we emerge into a large open-air car park. But somehow it is now night time and all the cars are lit up from underneath, some with their headlights on. Seeing Janet’s jacket and the weird light, I am reminded of the video for Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” (I think my actual self thought of this and it became manifested in the dream). And so I make a joke, singing a line from that song out loud: “‘Cause this is Thriller, Thriller night”.

But then I look to my right and I see a big, flat-topped hill that has a really big blocky building sitting atop it, not unlike prison buildings. The buildings are all lit up with a sickly yellow light. Suddenly I hear some weird noises coming from the buildings and then the shrieking scream of a woman.

Then I see a woman with long dark hair and a white hospital gown running out of one of the buildings, presumably the same woman that screamed, and she is followed by a horde of other men and women dressed similarly, all running out of the buildings down the hill towards the car park while making lots of noise. It is then that I come to the realisation that the buildings are those of a mental asylum.

At this point we are both freaked out, so Janet and I rush towards the door we came out of but a hand reaches from inside and closes it. With the people still running down the hill we approach the door but it is locked and we are unable to get in.

Then I woke up.

The weird thing is, I’m pretty sure I was only half-asleep during the dream. I had parts where I would kind of wake up but I’d drop off again soon after and the dream would continue. Also, I found that I could actually somewhat control my dream. It was like my actual self knew that it was a dream and at parts I think I actually watched my dream self from a different viewpoint. When my actual self thought about something it seemed to immediately happen in the dream; like in that part about “Thriller”.

Another weird thing that happened is that I remember at times dreaming that I was asleep. This may have just been me waking up in a semi-conscious state, but when I tried to move my mind was telling me that I was moving but I found myself still in the same position after.

Is it normal for dreams to be remembered only when they are had in those light stages of sleep? Does this happen to anyone else? And has anyone else ever had any sort of control over their dreams as I had?

I’d love to hear your dream experiences, so leave them in the comments. But until next time, take care.


field studies
October 7, 2009, 10:51 pm
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So, what’s been happening in the life of Jeremy these past few days, since we last met? You probably aren’t interested, but I’ll tell you anyway (and my future self when I read this again in a few years time. Shout-out to future Jeremy! Yeah, I’m weird). I love parentheses.

DIGRESSING, the beginning of our school-free lives has been pretty interesting, albeit hard work. Let’s go day-by-day…


The day after our last day of school. Surprisingly, even at this point it hadn’t hit that school was over and that we would not be seeing each other daily at school everyday. And I was right not to worry, as the rest of the blog will tell you. On this day, I did about 10 minutes worth of effective study. Very productive. This day was also the day I talked to Janet when she came back from her Ancient History study group and found out how much work she’d done. This was a major turning point for me. I think it’s the first time I’ve ever been truly worried or panicky about exams, and it was a really good kick in the butt that told me to get going with HSC study. And so the next day eventuated…


I headed to Parramatta Library at the early hour of 9:30am; the library’s opening time. It was really quiet, so I found myself a nice single study table and got to work. This was a super-duper productive day. Got through a couple of Chemistry topics, breaking only for lunch (Udon at the upper food  court of Westfield) for an hour in the middle. In the later hours of my time there (3 or 4pm), Victor, who had previously been at Strathfield Library, came and sat with me until about 4:30. The day ended when I left the library at around 5:30pm. This day made me realise how much I love libraries. I get no work done at home, but while at the library I am pretty much working the entire time I’m sitting down. So I decided to visit a library every day for the rest of the holidays.


I drove (loving my P-freedom) Janet and myself to Castle Hill Library, since it was a bit of a change from Parramatta. It was a bit less productive than the day before, but I still got a decent amount of work done (Chemistry and 4U Maths). Had lunch at Towers.


Sunday was a fun day; NRL Grand Final day and a bit of a break from study and a chance to catch up with friends. After waking up late, I picked up Milo from his place at around noon and we headed to a charcoal chicken shop that he had recommended to grab some lunch; a place called El Jannah Restaurant in Granville. It was a nice-looking place, and what was awesome was that they had little translucent PLASTIC business cards, so Milo and I took one each to keep. Awesome. Bought two whole charcoal chickens and a large chips and took it to Kris’ place. Upon arrival, the house was empty since Kris had tutoring, but soon after, Matt arrived with Danny riding shotgun and then Kris with his dad a little later. We went inside and got out all the food and it was good. The chicken was great. I haven’t had charcoal chicken many times before, so I might not have a very developed taste in this aspect, but it was good. Milo commented that it was a bit dry, however, since he’s had it before and it was juicier then. Props for recommending the place, Milo.

Anyway, after we ate more people arrived and we watched the lower grade grand finals while playing on Kris’ laptop and trying to get a bit of study done (of which I did hardly any). When even more people arrived, we played table tennis outside for a bit.

When it was time for the final, we all sat down to watch while Kris’ parents cooked a barbecue for us (I know you won’t read this, but say thanks to them again, Kris!). Good food, good game, good night. Afterwards we played a bit more table tennis in the dark, and I also did a little bit of night photography. We tried light trails again, courtesy of Milo.

At about 8:30 it was time to go home and I gave Milo a lift while he tried shooting the traffic outside.


Public holiday so the libraries were all closed. Regardless, I studied with Janet and got a few 3U Maths papers done.


Tuesday was Mrs. Pooviah’s Physics and Chemistry Study Classes (or whatever they’re called). Physics was pretty informative for me (since I haven’t studied it since Trials), while Chemistry was pretty useless (since I have studied it) and I zoned out for a lot of it. In the break between, which was meant to be at noon but the Physics class went overtime to 12:20, a huge group of us headed in four cars (Ben’s, Kris’, Peter’s, mine) to Carlingford Court for lunch (I had KFC), before we all rushed back for the 1pm Chemistry class. After the second class, David, Don, Buddha and I went to Carlingford Library for some study from 3pm to 5pm.


Today I went to Parramatta Library. I thought the library opened at 9am, so I went to the bus stop at 8:23 waiting for that bus which arrived at 8:51, with the intention of arriving early to grab some breakfast beforehand. After driving my car around for a few days, I now really hate public transport. Somehow, the 8:23 bus never arrived. Hooray. At 8:45, the next bus arrived but drove straight past. Hooray again. In the words of the dude waiting there with me from 8:23: “Are you f***ing kidding me?!” So, the next one was at 8:53 which arrived a little early, and I hopped on that one. Arrived in Parramatta at around 9:20 and grabbed a Deluxe Brekky Roll from Maccas. I then walked over to the library but it hadn’t opened yet, so I sat outside the library with the many others waiting there, soaking in the morning air and sun while eating my breakfast. Perfect timing; the library opened just as I took the last bite of my roll, so I headed inside and grabbed my favourite corner table and got to work on some 3U Maths. At around 10:30 I had almost finished my paper and more people started arriving. I knew that there was an Ancient History study group today, but boy was I in for a surprise when a whole lot of other people turned up- there was also a PE study group plus others.

At lunchtime (around 1pm), Janet, Sharon, Bryan and I went to Westfield, where they got Subway while I had a Kebab and chips. I don’t think I want to go back to that kebab place, though. The guy there didn’t look too happy serving me and he kind of made it half-arsed. Ah well, it still tasted good. Just as we we going back to the library, we passed all the others who were heading to lunch. Then Bryan and Deva went together into Hungry Jacks to pick up some onion rings for Winnie. Upon their arrival, they realised that the girl at Hungry Jacks had forgotten to put in the tomato sauce. So they went back. And then they came back, holding a napkin with a phone number written on it, purportedly from the aforementioned girl. Then ensued a big discussion about whether it was a real or fake number, and who wrote it. Oh, one thing I forgot to mention: the number had only nine digits. It was missing one. But anyway, for the full story ask one of them.

I got some more study after the break, although it was quite a bit less productive. Headed home on a 5:41 bus back to Carlingford.

Now and to come…

So, in the days remaining until the HSC, I plan to carry out my plan of visiting the library each day when possible (except Sundays, since they don’t open). Tomorrow I will be at Parramatta again, so I hope to see more of you guys like I did today. If anyone wants to drop in and say hi, I will be a Parramatta most days sitting on my single desk in the corner of the study area from 9:30am to 5:30pm (e-stalkers alert!).

I think this will be my last blog until after the HSC. So, if I don’t see you before then, good luck with your studies! I’m sure our grade will perform wonderfully.

Take care everyone.