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it’s been a long night in sydney too

Sitting here chillin’ with John Mayer’s new album Battle Studies playing. Picked it up today and I love it. It’s classic John Mayer. The record is kind of a heartbreak album, and yet it doesn’t have a sad tone at all, rather it feels optimistic even though there are songs titled “Heartbreak Warfare” and “Perfectly Lonely”. My favourites so far are “Half of My Heart” (with Taylor Swift) and “Who Says”. Watch the music video for the latter here:

Anyways, onto the brunt of this blog; a not-so-quick recount of the past week of my life…


Monday was a day at Parramatta with the boys (plus SY and Mindy). Did the usual outing thing where we headed to Foot Locker then grabbed something to eat before heading to the cinemas to catch This Is It. I really, really enjoyed the movie; I didn’t really want it to end. The whole movie is a compilation of footage from the rehearsals for his This Is It tour, and I’ve never seen anything like it before. I found it amazing that MJ’s voice was still the same at fifty years old as it was when he was twenty. And this was just his rehearsal voice (which is apparently his 60% voice according to Milo), so that’s crazy. Admittedly, his dancing isn’t as energetic as it used to be, but that’s to be expected. Still, I could watch that guy dance for ages. The backup dancers were pretty awesome to watch as well.

Another thing I found out was that MJ was a perfectionist. At one point in the film he’s shown advising the keyboard guy on the right way to play a song. To us, the changes he makes are almost unnoticeable, and yet he was so picky about wanting every little nuance to be perfect, exactly how it sounded on the record.

This is a definite must-see film for anyone who is an avid fan of Michael Jackson. For those that aren’t that into him, I wouldn’t recommend it (Michael: “I almost fell asleep”).


I awoke at 11am and went through my morning routine before catching a bus to Epping just after noon. From there, I caught a train to Town Hall where I met Milo. I had come with my camera and my new 35mm lens, ready for an afternoon of photography adventures with Milo and his new Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX3.


From Town Hall we headed to Pepper Lunch for lunch where we both had a regular beef with extra egg (and took some shots of our food while we were there).


We then headed to Market City to meet Winnie and Leeanne and we were soon joined by Sandy. We had some time to kill so we all headed to Darling Harbour and spent some time there. Played in the water bowl place thingy and on the rope climbing thingy (yeah, I’m awesome at describing) and grabbed some candy from Sweet Doctor at Harbourside.



We then went back to Market City where Swami had been waiting for half an hour, and a few things happened after that which I don’t really remember then others arrived and we were all waiting outside Market City for the rest to get there. As a group we then went to Wagaya Japanese Restaurant for dinner. I ordered a Kimuchi Ramen (they messed up my order and it only arrived after like 40 minutes, but I wasn’t too fussed) and Eel Skewers. Both were really nice. Naturally, Milo and I snapped away with our cameras at all the nice food.





After that a group of us went to karaoke which was fun before catching a train back to Epping and home.


Janet had her VA exam which finished at 11am, so we grabbed some lunch and chilled after that. Not much to elaborate here. xP


Sign out day. I got to school at around 9:30am and began my trek around the school in the boiling heat to get signed off by every department. Ms. O’hare only had time to sign me off at recess, so before that I went down to the courts for a bit of basketball. That ended when it was time for recess (and it was way to hot to play anyway) and I finished signing out after a while (waiting for Mrs. Pooviah to chat to everyone took ages). After that Janet and I headed to Parramatta for some lunch and window-shopped.


Drove to The Brickpit in Thornleigh at 10am for a day of basketball with the boys. It was good fun getting back into basketball and playing a good game for the first time in ages. We had to get off the court at around 11:30 to make way for a big group of primary school kids, so we all went to the nearby park and played on the mad flying fox and spider web rope climbing thing (like the one at Bicentennial Park if anyone knows of it). We also had a bit of target practice where a person (mostly Kris) went on the flying fox and we took turns at trying to hit them with Deva’s gridiron ball. At 12:30 we went back to the courts and played until about 1:30. Everyone then loaded into Kris’ and my car to Pennant Hills for some lunch. I had a burger with the lot and chips and a drink, and it was good since I was pretty hungry by then (it was 2pm). At 3pm everyone caught trains or got a lift in our cars to wherever.


Went to my brother’s basketball game at Newington College. Got there an hour early so watched the 1st team play, which was cool (Kings got thrashed 80-something to 40-something). Unfortunately my brother’s team also lost.

After that we went to “Taste of Shanghai” (I think that was the name) restaurant in Ashfield for lunch. One of the waitresses was really pissy. Some of our cutlery and bowls were dirty (had bits of what looked like porridge on them), so we asked her to bring us new ones. She made a pissed face and a pissed sigh and took away the bowl, plate and chopsticks and handed it off to a different waitress who brought them straight back to our table. We knew it was the same set because the bits of porridge were still there. Anyway, the meal was good. Got a few different kinds of dumplings and things like that, so it was nice.


Today I headed to Macquarie Centre with Janet where we basically window-shopped again. Picked up John Mayer’s Battle Studies from Target (since it was cheapest there), and also realised that I had been ripped off by Borders for Matthew Reilly’s new book ($34 at Borders, $25 at Target). Ah well, at least I had decided not to purchase Dan Brown’s new one yet, which also had the same price difference.

Anyways, I hope my recount hasn’t bored you too much. And if you didn’t read it all, I understand. At least there are pictures and a video to look at. xD

I cannot wait till Tuesday, where I’ll get to catch up with all you guys again; the last time we’ll all be together as an entire grade, and all looking good too. I’ll see you all there. (:

But until then, as always, take care.


blacking out the friction
May 7, 2009, 11:44 pm
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Blacking out… I think that’s the theme of today’s blog.

Does anyone else have unreliable power in their home? It seems that sometimes if we turn on too many appliances, power in the entire house just goes kaput. This happened tonight. We had both our TVs in separate rooms and three computers on at the same time, plus the normal appliances like the fridge (I think the washing machine or dishwasher may have been on, too). Anyway, I was happily watching the beginning of MasterChef. I was looking forward to the winning team’s visit to the restaurant and just as they were heading in … black. Turns out my brother was cold and had decided to plug in a heater next to him, which ended up overloading our power and tripping the fuse. My dad then went outside to the power box to reset it and told my brother to unplug the heater. He didn’t unplug it, however, and by the time my dad had come in, asked him to unplug it again, then went back outside to reset it again, half of MasterChef had passed and I missed the part I wanted to see. Awesome. I’ll be sure to catch up on it later, though, since the MasterChef website posts full episodes a day or two after they’ve aired. I also decided to catch up on all the old audition episodes I missed from the beginning of the series. Wow, I realised that I talk about the show a lot in my blogs.

Speaking of blackouts, does anyone ever get prolonged creative mental blocks? Lately I’ve lost all ability to think of things to do creatively. There have been times where I’ve opened up Photoshop or got out pencil and paper, hoping to come up with a project of sorts to cure my boredom, but nothing at all has come. I’ve also attempted to continue my Extension II English short story, but to no avail. To make matters even worse, I haven’t played guitar properly for almost a week now. Usually I’m able to pick it up and think up random new songs or else a song will come to mind and I’ll look it up and play that, but I’ve found that in the past week my longest guitar session has probably been about five minutes, since I’m unable to think of anything new to play. To say the least, it sucks. I wish I were like John Mayer, who is constantly able to conjure up new song ideas and riffs on a regular basis, as evidenced by his YouTube videos, blogs and frequent Twitter updates about his new ideas. Maybe I should follow his approach to songwriting:

Again about memory, don’t you hate it when you remember to do something then forget what you were supposed to do in the process of doing it? For example, often when I feel hungry I decide to go to the kitchen to get some food, such as peanut butter on toast (usually). On my way from my bedroom to the kitchen I begin to think of other things and by the time I arrive at the kitchen, I’ve forgotten about the toast. It usually comes to me again after about a minute of standing in the middle of the kitchen and staring at the ceiling trying to remember, but it’s a bit of a scare when my memory bails out on me and it’s frustrating when I can’t recall what I was meant to do. Sometimes I’ll walk all the way back to my room and remember just as I sit down. Now that sucks.

Anyways, following the theme of blackouts (things going out, dying), today I had a really random thought. Isn’t it really weird how plants live for so long, while humans and other animals only live for a maximum of about one hundred years? I mean, plants are living organisms too and some are so small and easily damaged, yet they have lifespans that can beat any animal that could easily squash them with a step. For example, the oldest recognised human was a French woman named Jeanne Calment, who was 122 years and 164 days old when she died in 1997. In comparison, the oldest identified plant is a very fragile-looking 9,550 year old spruce in Sweden, thought to have begun its growth at the end of the last ice age:

Anyway, to end this blog I’ll leave you with a video of an extremely talented amateur musician on YouTube. He’s known as ortoPilot, and he’s a really amazing guitarist; an overall class act. He really brings a whole new level to each cover that he plays. His latest video is his own version of “Californication” by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Watch it here:

PS. The title of this blog is once again a song by Death Cab For Cutie, also from The Photo Album.