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February 12, 2010, 9:20 pm
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Finally, I’ve decided to return to the world of blogging. I actually decided to blog again a couple of weeks ago, but WordPress was doing this weird thing where my posting panel was all wacked up. Did anyone else have that problem?

These past few months (wow, it’s been months???) since schoolies have been pretty awesome. I know before I left I promised a blog about schoolies, but to be honest I’ve forgotten all the details now and those who want to hear about it probably have already. But check my Facebook for the photos and you’ll get the general idea about what we did.

Anyway, since then I’ve had two family trips; a week-long one to Melbourne and a seventeen day trip to New Zealand. Needless to say, the latter was amazing. In my next few blogs I’ll be doing a travel blog with photos and everything, so stay tuned.

Oh yeah, during my extended hiatus we also received our HSC results, ATAR and university offers. And hence, I am currently enrolled at USYD for Arts (Media & Communications) / Laws. I look forward to seeing many of you there next year!

Today I, as well as many others from our grade and some from the grade above us visited James Ruse to watch the Prefects’ Valentines Day Assembly. I’d have to say our prefects did a better job, but their singing was pretty damn good (most of them). It was nice to be back at school to say hi to my friends in the lower grades. It was also a good feeling to know that we’re all out of it. I’d hate to be in uniform and going back to class at the end of a long, hot Friday. I also realised that I now know hardly anyone in the school. For starters, there are all the new year 7s that we’ve never seen, but being away for so long has rendered me unable to remember many names, even of those in year 12 now. Back when we were in school I could put a name to most of the people in the school, but now I’m totally hopeless. xD

Just a short one for today to kind of get back into the groove of blogging. I apologise if some of this didn’t make sense or was grammatically incorrect, I need to get used to blogging again!

Anyway, I hope all of you have been well over the long break and I’ll be back soon with another blog. (:

PS. I wonder if anyone even checks their blogs/feeds anymore? The blogosphere (and the frams) seemed to have died with the end of school.

PPS. Although my WordPress blog has been inactive for a while, I’ve still been posting my photographs and other little things on my Tumblr blog, A Scent Of Evergreen. The link is to your left.


in relief

Wow, it’s been so long that I think I’ve forgotten how to blog. Ah well, I’ll see what I can do!

So Trials are FINALLY over. I cannot stress how relieved I am right now. Four weeks ago I was thinking to myself, “Man, I CANNOT WAIT until Trials are over. There are SO MANY THINGS TO DO, but it’s SO FAR AWAY.” Well, that time is finally here (and I apologise to those people who still have exams tomorrow, you may stop reading now) and I am very, very relieved.

Usually I’m not stressed at all about exams; I seem to cruise through exam week and they seem to come and go real quickly. Well, that’s what it feels like compared to what Trials were like. I think the magnitude of these exams hit me for the first time, and I put more pressure on myself to perform than usual. Especially after a few below average results last term (science research). Anyways, I really hate talking about exams on my blog, so I shall move on from that.

I had heaps of plans going through my mind about what I was going to do come post-Trials. Having purchased my camera in the middle of the holidays, I really only had that week to play with it a bit (albeit through some studying), and then it had to be heads down in the weeks leading up to Trials. Well, let me say now that the “heads down” thing did not work at all; I found myself procrastinating even the night before exams, even though I still had things to learn. Anyway, digressing, it seemed that I chose the perfect time to do a lot of things. I bought a camera. I got into photography. I started following a whole lot of photography blogs. I found a whole lot of photography DIY projects. Crap, it’s all photography. And all of those had to come just before Trials. Great. So I’ve been itching for the past three weeks to start up those DIY projects, browse Flickr for hours on end, read more and more blogs (I have so many unread feeds!) and basically just go out and shoot heaps.

So, the first bit of fun came today, after my Physics exam. Went with the boys to Parramatta Westfield to watch Inglourious Basterds, and brought the camera along. Had some lols along the way, including A-fat (crap, I typed A-fart the first time) ghosting some really hard dude in a wifebeater and sunnies with more tattoos than bare skin on his arms (although he was kind of short). What happened was the guy finally noticed, and A-fat casually walked back to the group of us like fifteen metres back, and the guy was full calling on A-fat, calling him names and stuff. He spat in A-fat’s direction, and when A-fat said “I’m sorry” he was like “Yeah, sorry is right!” Then when we got on the bus and passed by him, he did that pinky thing you see on those ads for speeding. The whole thing was so hilarious from my perspective, and we were all trying to hold in our laughs in fear of getting beat up.

So we get to Parramatta and do the usual eating/walking around thing that we always do before movies. I headed to the watch shop for a bit to get my watchband resized and to replace the battery in Janet’s watch, and while waiting I went and browsed the camera shop for a bit (I’m looking for a camera backpack).

While eating, we persuaded Bryan to eat his first ever Oporto Bondi Burger with chillis. And a triple fillet at that (since that was what Deva and I ordered). A truly momentous occasion.

So the movie. I must say, I was quite pleasantly surprised. I hadn’t really heard anything about the movie before I watched it except that Brad Pitt was in it, and that was good enough for me. But I soon found out that it was directed by Quentin Tarantino and that it would be a Pulp Fiction “chapter”-style movie, where there would be a few seemingly unrelated chapters that all come together in the end. It was great. Some parts (like the beginning) were really gripping, and the climax was just insane. But I won’t spoil it; it’s definitely a must-see.

Anyway, I think that’s all I have to say today. After I post this I might try one of the DIY projects I’ve been meaning to try: the DIY Macro Studio. I’ll see how that goes and take some product shots of some of my stuff.

Tomorrow morning I will (hopefully) be heading the the Wildlife Sanctuary right near my house (you know the one; it’s the one we walked through once for junior sport (I think) and the one that rec-sport people still wak through (I think)). That’s what I reckon, because last Wednesday I was at home studying and I saw people walk past my house. Anyway, I will be going there to shoot the creek and bushland and to test my new Hoya CPL Filter (refer to my Tumblr post). I was hoping that it would rain today so that the waterfall would be flowing, but to no avail. I’ll see how it goes, though.

But until then (might blog tomorrow), adieu!

Good luck to all who have exams tomorrow!

PS. Visit the Flickr set from today!

split screen sadness, part ii
Lately I’ve also been watching a lot of Entourage. Now, I haven’t really been into many series before, mainly because I can never be bothered to follow it in its entirety, but I really enjoy watching Entourage. Great show; my favourite character is probably Ari Gold and his relationships with his wife and his gay assistant, Lloyd. For those of you who haven’t heard of or watched it, Entourage is a series about four friends who live together, and one of them, Vincent Chase, is a move star. So it’s basically all about him and his agent (Eric) getting movie deals and partying and the likes, but with a lot of lols and girls thrown in. There are also side plots with the other guys- Johnny Drama (Vincent’s older brother, washed up TV star) and Turtle (a guy who does nothing a lot of the time except check out girls)- getting some action in the business, too. It’s an interesting take on media and the entertainment business. I’ve watched up to the end of season 4 so far, and I’m now beginning to download season 5. Season 6 is in filming at the moment, so I look forward to that also. After Trials/HSC/whatever, that is.
So yesterday I watched Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince with my family. In my last blog I talked about Angels & Demons and how it was not faithful to the novel and that annoyed me a lot, so I think it helped that I had forgotten the story of Rowling’s book at the time of viewing. I did notice that certain parts of the story were removed, some in key scenes (where was ‘petrificus totalus’?), but I think the producer/screenwriter did it well, and the movie did work for me.

To start off, I have some very exciting news. Today I went to Harvey Norman in Auburn and purchased something I’ve been wanting for a while now: the Nikon D5000 DSLR Twin Lens Kit. Thanks to John for helping me out. Although I did not use his sister’s staff discount at Harvey Norman Moore Park (too long a drive), it did help when I quoted that price to the salesman at Auburn, and I ended up getting a similar price without the trip to Moore Park (since my parents needed to print photos from their holiday at Harvey Norman). What can I say, I love it. Photography is really fun, but there’s still a lot of practice needed.

Please direct yourself to A Scent Of Evergreen. It’s my secondary blog on Tumblr, and it’s been waiting in the wings for a little while, in anticipation of this camera. It’ll be a photo blog as well as a place to post little random things like quotes that don’t really warrant a full post here. It’s much in the vein of James’ blog (Team Nikon!), which has moved to a new address: Written With Light.

And now onto the second part of the movie post…

Lately I’ve watching a lot of Entourage. Now, I haven’t really been into many series before, mainly because I can never be bothered to follow it in its entirety, but I really enjoy watching Entourage.


Great show; my favourite character is probably Ari Gold and his relationships with his wife and his gay assistant, Lloyd. For those of you who haven’t heard of or watched it, Entourage is a series about four friends who live together, and one of them, Vincent Chase, is a move star. So it’s basically all about him and his agent (Eric) getting movie deals and partying and the likes, but with a lot of lols and girls thrown in. There are also side plots with the other guys- Johnny Drama (Vincent’s older brother, washed up TV star) and Turtle (a guy who does nothing a lot of the time except check out girls)- getting some action in the business, too. It’s an interesting take on media and the entertainment business. I’ve watched up to the end of season 4 so far, and I’m now beginning to download season 5. Season 6 is in filming at the moment, so I look forward to that also. After Trials/HSC/whatever, that is.

So yesterday I watched Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince with my family.


In my last blog I talked about Angels & Demons and how it was not faithful to the novel and that annoyed me a lot, so I think it helped that I had forgotten the story of Rowling’s book at the time of viewing. I did notice that certain parts of the story were removed, some in key scenes (where was ‘petrificus totalus’?), but I think the producer/screenwriter did it well, and the movie did work for me. As always, the movie had its funny moments, and I loved the awkward love scenes. The Ron/Lavender relationship was especially amusing. The only problem I have with the movie was the ending. I remember someone on the forums saying that it was good except the last half-hour? Well I agree. I think they spent a lot of time on the love potion parts and stuff like that without moving onto the actual horcrux part, and then they rushed that. Overall I did really enjoy it; it had me gripped for most of it. Oh, I forgot to mention Emma Watson. Let me just say that she was good viewing.

Hmm, MasterChef. I’ll keep this short. I still think Julie is not professional chef standard. I still think she should have gone home at the beginning of the week. Poh should have won. Although it was stupid how she didn’t follow the instructions for the tempered chocolate, and she left her sorbet in the freezer for far too long. I guess she paid for those mistakes. The look on Julie’s husband’s face as he walked in was priceless. You could really see the emotion, so I’m happy for them. She’s a nice person and a mother, so it’s pretty hard not to like her. Like a lot of people, I noticed that she used her patented touching speeches again today. Ah well, looking forward to next season.

I think that is all I have to say today. I hope your holidays are all going well. Bye for now.

they move on tracks of never-ending light

I’m exhausted.

Came back from the dance, “Santa’s Rave Cave” (I still don’t get why it was Christmas-themed), and I’m tired as hell.

I’ve also realised how slack my blogging has been. Exams really ruined my blogging routine and now I don’t have the same compulsion to blog every second day. During exams I was of course busy studying, and in the days after exams until now I’ve been busy catching up on all the things I wanted to do after exams. Anyways, onto the crux of this blog.

SRC Dance: “Santa’s Rave Cave”

When I first arrived at the hall at around a quarter to eight (having had Hills before), I was pretty bummed. The dance looked like a flop; the turn out was probably a half or two-thirds of the usual dance turn out, and there were not many people from our grade at all (damn you slackers). For a while it was kind of boring. Heard a few good songs and jigged to those and basically just surveyed the hall, seeing all the overdressed younger grades and couples that I never knew existed. Kids really grow up fast nowadays. I remember back in year 9 or 10 we had like three couples at most, but I saw at least six or seven in total from those grades at the dance. Anyway, digressing, a little while later the prefect boys went outside to practice a dance for their final assembly, and the rest of us went outside to watch Momo, Thashan, Grubsy, Milo, Swami and Peter rehearsing their routine. At that point James and I went to John’s car to retrieve his camera, and that was when the real fun started.

For a while I played around with the settings inside the hall, trying to get some good shots of things in there, but to no avail; it was too dark. Then John got out his iPhone, and turns out he has a program that can make words out of light by waving it in the air. We tried a few times to get some shots of it, but it was too dim and the timing was never right. So we tried to get hold of a glow stick, but they had all been sold out and no-one we knew had one.

But then Douglas brought out his little blue LED light. The whole group of us year 12 guys rushed outside, and we settled on the bench at the left corner of the hall, facing the mass of shrubbery between the hall and the quadrangle. I played with the settings some more and we tested some simple light trails with the LED, using a very slow shutter speed. It was perfect.

We then went ahead and tried writing words and making shapes and that sort of thing. The first task was to write “dope”, something James has been wanting to do with light trails for a while now. It took some experimenting to get the right speed of movement and lighting conditions and that, but we finally got a good shot. We shot words for a while; I did my name and people made funny shapes, but then Douglas had the bright idea of drawing penises with light. Then he had an even better idea, and I stood in front of the camera and Douglas outlined my form. It looked great, and from there we moved on to better pictures. By this time there was a group of about ten all sitting around the bench, huddling around the camera after every shot, eagerly awaiting the results after the camera had finished processing.. We shot lightsaber fights, Kamehamehas, more penises (this time drawing them on actual people), fart clouds, gun shots and shoops, with Douglas, Milo and I doing the majority of the drawing (I didn’t draw the penises), and James shooting. Deva turned super saiyan, Milo tried drawing 3D boxes (to no avail), I got some angel wings from Milo and Douglas cast a spell at me with his wand, among other things.

It was awesome.

We stayed out there for almost the entire night, returning inside only when a dance battle was announced. The battle featured Ringo, Momo, Grubsy, Victor from year 12, Murphy, Peter Kertapati and Nick from year 11 and Chi Wai from year 10. It was pretty sick. I tried taking some pictures during the battle, but it didn’t work. The predicament was this: to shoot fast moving objects, you need a fast shutter speed, but to shoot dark scenes you need a slow shutter speed. Anyway, after that was over we went outside and shot some more light trails, before people went home after 10pm.

When everyone left, I went back inside and joined the dancefloor. Linkin Park and YMCA played, and we created a huge conga line with Victor and I leading. It grew to be about 50 people long; almost all of the people still remaining in the hall. Mr Ma (Danny’s dad) even joined in, dancing with Victor while going backwards at the front of the line. The night then ended and I came home, extremely exhausted.

So that’s what I did tonight. Even though the dance wasn’t so great on its own, we made it great with our awesome light trails. Speaking of which, I’ll post up some of our pictures as soon as I can get them off James; probably Friday.

On a completely different note, I watched two movies last night: The Hurricane and Lord Of War. Both good movies, but I won’t really go into them right now; this blog is long enough as is. But, Denzel Washington was awesome in The Hurricane.

I think that will end tonight’s lengthy blog. Yes, there are no pictures at all in this one. I promise there will be a lot in the next one. Hopefully I can get back into my two-daily blogging routine, but I honestly doubt it. Ah well, at least you’ll only have to read when actual interesting things happen.

But until next time, adieu.

PS. 300 points if you can name the artist and album of my blog title. It’s a tricky one this time.

the feel good drag

This will be a fairly short blog, since it’s late (actually it’s a lot earlier compared to when I usually blog) and I have some things to do (Edit: crap, I knew it wouldn’t be short). I need to blog because it just kind of takes my mind off other things during the time I write it, and it’s a nice break at the end of a day. Also, I love the feedback that all of you give me in the comments after I blog; it makes it feel that much more satisfying. However, I’ll probably end up writing heaps because I kind of get into a flow once I start writing.

Firstly, there are a few things that need to be mentioned.

The first: UAI –> ATAR. I don’t really want to say anymore because it’s been well-discussed already, and after hearing all the information it doesn’t bother me at all.

The second: ANBERLIN! Thanks to Joseph, I found out that Anberlin are playing in Sydney on August 28 this year, at the UNSW Roundhouse. Conveniently, this is a week after our Trials end. I bought tickets last night, so I’m very excited about it! I love how it’s going to be in a small venue, since the atmosphere is better. I’ll even be able to drive myself to the venue by then. Actually, I’ve never been to a concert in a small venue, but that’s what I hear. I’ve been to Red Hot Chili Peppers, which was at Acer Arena, and that was cool since we were relatively close but with seats. And of course there was Jack Johnson at Centennial Park. That one tops any other performance I’ve ever been to by far. We (Harry, Laura and I) sat outside the gates for about six hours so that we would be first in line when they opened, and it paid off, since we were directly in front of the stage, literally as close as you can get (we were leaning on the front barrier), with tens of thousands of people behind us, the furthest ones more than one hundred metres back. Ah, that was an awesome day. Here are some photos from that day (15 March 2008):








While writing this, Kanye West’s “RoboCop” is playing. Right now Kanye is one of my favourite artists- I was introduced to him by James a while back when his newest album 808s & Heartbreak was released. His music is very different to what I normally listen to, which is a mixture of alternative rock, indie-style bands and acoustic guitar stuff. Although, I’ve noticed recently that my music taste has really been widening. Some of the albums that I’ve downloaded recently are: Jamiroquai’s A Funk Odyssey (jazz/funk/disco), LP3’s Ratatat (electronica) and Empire Of The Sun’s Walking On A Dream (electronica). These three are all a big change from my regular listening, and it seems that I’ve taken a liking to electronic music lately. Yesterday I also downloaded Bright Eyes’ Cassadaga and Digital Ash In A Digital Urn, of whom I’ve been a long-time fan. His style is folk; it’s usually just him with an acoustic guitar, but the latter album is actually electronic-based.

Another thing that has happened to my music taste is that I’ve been listening to movie soundtracks. Two weeks back or so I obtained the soundtrack for The Lion King. Yesterday I downloaded the soundtracks for Gladiator and The Lord Of The Rings: Return Of The King. I love the epic-ness of all the songs.

Anyway, a few blogs back I mentioned the movie Up, a movie that I really want to see. Well, tonight I found and watched the short film Partly Cloudy, which will be shown before Up in cinemas. For want of a better, less gay word, it’s cute. It’s only just over 5 minutes long, so I really recommend that you watch it below. I hope the video doesn’t get taken off YouTube because of copyright, as all the others have, so if you notice it doesn’t work, please let me know (Edit: Damn, YouTube blocked my re-uploaded version too. I’m afraid you’re going to have to find it on your own. Trust me, it’s worth it).


Did you know that Baby Mario and Luigi were delivered by crane also? Yeah, I learnt it from playing the Yoshi’s Island series of games on Gameboy Advance. Well, here’s a really nice rendition of the Super Mario Land theme, by David Choi (whom I’ve mentioned before) on guitar and his friend Paul Dateh on violin. I love it.

Another great YouTube artist is AJ Rafael. I’m sure I’ve mentioned him before. Well, at the moment he has a Disney series going, and the second song of this twelve song series is the introduction and the theme song for Beauty And The Beast. I don’t know why, but I’m a sucker for Disney songs. Love the Mulan soundtrack, and of course The Lion King mentioned earlier. Don’t judge me. But watch the video below.

Lastly, here are some photographs (well, each image is a bunch of photographs put together) by a photographer named Martin Wilson. They speak for themselves. More images are at his website linked above. The small versions don’t do them justice at all, so click on the images for a larger view.





Anyone recognise the “Big Yellow Taxi” lyrics, by Joni Mitchell/Counting Crows? That was a great song back in the day. Still is.

Anyway, I think that’s all for today’s massive blog. Come to think of it, I think I will go on that hiatus I mentioned in the previous blog. I realised that however I try to blog quickly, I always end up going for ages, and I can’t really afford to spend that much time on this coming up to exams. It’s been forty minutes since I began this blog, and that’s a short time for me. The next time I blog will probably be after exams, unless something really compels me to blog before then. I doubt it, though.

So, until then, good luck to everyone for their exams and don’t stress too much.

“The Feel Good Drag” is by Anberlin, from Never Take Friendship Personal.

champagne from a paper cup

Oh my goodness. Jeremy didn’t post a blog yesterday? Outrage! Blasphemy!

You may be wondering what happened to my OCD-ness about having one blog each day. This can be explained by a few things:

  • I’ve felt like the quality of my blogs has been declining over the past few posts. They feel forced and boring.
  • School is boring, hence not much to blog about.
  • I’ve noticed that school really drains me nowadays as well as homework (stupid maths which is hard), and so by the time I get to writing my blog I’m already really tired and can’t think properly. Maybe I should blog earlier. Or maybe I just need more sleep.
  • Blogs take a long time to write- for me, anyway. I have concluded that the elusive “15-minute blog” is an impossible dream unless your name is Belinda Cheung. I usually take like an hour on average from when I start my blog to when I click “Publish”, and I decided that this was too long a time to be spending on it everyday.

So yeah, as much as I love to blog, I just don’t have the time or energy to do it on a daily basis. Don’t get me wrong, I do thoroughly enjoy it, but therein lies the problem. It means that I end up spending too much time on it. Also, I’m a stickler for detail, and so I usually spend some time formatting and fixing up pictures and stuff. Yeah, a lot of me is OCD. This is a funny time for me to stop my daily blogs, since today Mawson made a note in Jason’s blog about me blogging everyday. I think you jinxed me!

But don’t worry! Although I am discontinuing daily blogs, I will now be OCD about blogging every two days. I think that’s a bit more reasonable, and I’ll have more interesting blogs since it will be an accumulation of two days’ happenings.

And now begins the random unrelated topics that are characteristic of my blogs. I shall subtitle them, for your and my convenience.

1. Netbooks (aka mini laptops)

After seeing a few people at school with these (Ambert, Carol) I realised that I really want one. Why not a normal laptop? Well, these are cheaper and smaller. Smaller being a good thing, since they’re easier to carry and just look cooler, in my opinion. Right now I’m hoping to get one before university starts; there’s no need for one in year 12 and, by Milo’s advice, there will be better technology and the likes if I wait. I just think it would be really handy to be able to take a small and light laptop around to use anywhere, especially with internet on-the-go. Heck, then I could blog from places other than my bedroom. How fun. Right now I’m actually the only person in my family without a laptop. My brother got a Dell Studio 15 last year, and my parents both have a laptop for work. My consolation is that I have this computer in my room, which is pretty awesome too. However, as much as I like the size for it’s aesthetics and convenience, I foresee a problem with that same characteristic that I am so lured in by: I have big hands. And you know what they say about people with big hands… Yeah, I don’t either, except that using a tiny keyboard may be a bit of a problem. Ah well, I’m sure I’ll get used to it. I guess I’ll have to put up with the RSI and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Anyway, if I were to get one right now, I would probably get one like Ambert’s. Compared to the other netbooks I’ve seen, his Lenovo S10 (the new S10-2 looks even better) has the biggest screen and keyboard, which are both pluses for me. I don’t want to ruin my eyesight either. Heck, if I went blind from looking at the tiny screen all day, I wouldn’t even have the strength in my hands to hold a guide dog or a cane.


2. The Chaser’s War On Everything

I didn’t follow the first two seasons of this show, but after realising my mistake I watched a whole lot of videos of them a while back. So, when Joseph profusely advertised the season premiere on the forums and his blog, I decided to start following this season tonight. It was a bit of a let down to be honest; not as funny as the videos I’ve seen. Although I did like the cracks on the Cronulla Leagues Club, Knox Grammar (I was disappointed that “Apple Chapel” wasn’t mentioned) and the “Chk Chk Boom” girl. The Quentin Bryce thing and the lawsuits segment were alright, too. The Shore rowing thing was so weird. Just the fact that theywent to Somalia and asked for money- that was kind of cruel, as well as the cracks at Palestine. Although I’d have to say it was made a little more interesting since I was watching with my brother, who goes to Kings. Throughout the Shore segment it was like “Hey, that was the GPS athletics carnival! I was there!” and “Haha, Shore sucks. Kings wins everytime.” Despite the unsatisfactory nature of the first show, I will continue to follow it every Wednesday night since it’s only half an hour out of my time.


3. Bloglines

I recently went searching for a better way to keep up to date with the blogs I follow, and investigated a good selection before settling on Bloglines. Bloglines is simply a way to organise RSS feeds and to keep up to date when new blogs are posted, rather than my use of Belle’s blog as a portal to other blogs. Also, it means that I don’t have to check those blogs that are not on Belle’s blogroll such as the art and design blogs I like to view. So far it’s pretty handy, except for the fact that it currently only updates hourly. However, I think I have no need for it anymore. I just realised today that the client for Windows Live Mail actually has an aggregator (i.e. feed reader) built in, and it can update every fifteen minutes. Also, it’s a lot faster and  easier to use since it’s not web-based, and I can check my feeds and email at the same time. So, I think I don’t have the need for Bloglines anymore. But for those that don’t have Windows Live Mail installed, Bloglines is quite a useful tool.


4. Sungha Jung

Sungha Jung became famous almost three years ago after his father posted a few videos of him on YouTube playing solo acoustic guitar (or fingerstyle) pieces by Kotaro Oshio, a very famous Japanese acoustic guitarist. He was eight years old at the time, and was already a much better guitarist than many older than him; I can’t play the pieces he played at that age. Now he is eleven, and an even more talented guitarist who has matured into someone who really understands the intricacies of solo acoustic guitar playing and understands what he’s playing. Not only does he play solo acoustic pieces, but he also plays his own solo acoustic versions of pop songs. He is now somewhat of an internet phenomenon, and has gone on to play with some of his idols such as Ulli Bögershausen and Tommy Emannuel, as well as appearing on many TV shows such as Korea’s Star King. You can find his YouTube channel here. His most recent video is his own version of Cyndi Lauper’s “Time After Time” and is below.

Anyway, that’s all for today’s super-long post. But for now, I’ll see you all in two days.

“Champagne From A Paper Cup” is from Death Cab For Cutie’s You Can Play These Songs With Chords.

PS. I’ve been spending some time on various art and design blogs and also sites like NOTCOTbut does it float and eatsleepdraw recently, so expect an art post sometime in the near future.

we laugh indoors

I think a few people may have misunderstood me when I posted the stub for my last blog. Blogging is not a chore for me; I love it. The thing is that since I often blog past midnight, I don’t want to have the date set to the next day. For example, I’m blogging at 12:20 right now (while eating peanut butter on toast; my favourite midnight snack), and it would annoy me if this blog said May 18. The reason for this is because if I posted tomorrow before midnight, I would have two blogs on the same day, which is a no-no to me. The thing is, I didn’t know that you could edit the posting time (I now do), so that stub was to avoid  the “two blogs on one day” scenario.

Just a side note, you’ll notice that I added Belle’s blog to my blogroll, but not anyone else’s. The reason for this is because I want to keep my blog clean, without so many links on the side. Don’t get me wrong, I love reading every one of your blogs, but Belle’s blog is like a portal to all other blogs, anyway. I’m sure I’m not the only one who uses Belle’s to keep up with all other blogs.

Anyway, today I was kind of bored during the afternoon and had my camera next to me, so I decided to take some photos of my room and also of my papercraft collection (read Belle’s blog about her new found love for Cubees). Here are some photos of the room I spend most of my life in (the interesting part of it, at least):


Yes, I know what you’re thinking. The wallpaper. A few years back I moved from another room in the house to this room (which used to be the guest/storage room) since it was bigger, and it still had the old-fashioned wallpaper, which has probably been on these walls since the house was built almost fifty years ago. It didn’t bother me, and I couldn’t be bothered to rip it down and repaint, so there it stays.

To cover up as much of the walls as possible, I have various posters and the like. Above my desk is a promotional poster for Narrow Stairs, by Death Cab For Cutie. Beside it is a glass frame with an empty Tim Tam packet inside (bought from a market somewhere), which says “In Case of Emergency, Break Glass“, since it is my favourite snack. I don’t think I would be able to live without Tim Tams. I eat them almost every night at an average rate of half a pack a night. The asterisk-shaped artwork under that (the shape of the symbol for the Red Hot Chili Peppers) was a gift from Janet.


On the other side of my bookcase is a huge poster of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, then a Joker poster and then a fabric embroidery/painting from Indonesia. On the other side of my room is also a promotional poster for Stadium Arcadium by the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Anyway, onto my papercraft collection. As mentioned in a previous blog, I have thirteen Cubees and seventeen Boxpunx. I also have about twenty five of each sitting in a folder on my computer, waiting to be made.


Back row (Cubeecraft): Jason Voorhees, Robin III, Gir, Optimus Prime, Stormtrooper, Graduation Bear; Front row (Boxpunx): Shadow Rogue, Space Monkey (removable helmet), Space Boy (removable helmet), Gir, Techno Samurai (removable helmet).


Back row (Cubeecraft): Duck Hunt Dog, Spongebob Squarepants, Domo-kun, Batman Beyond, Viewtiful Joe, Werewolf, Megaman; Front row (Boxpunx): Wolverine, Cyclops, Space Pirate, Space Hero, Totem, Rainbow, Space Vampire Hunter, Sunflower, Citrus.

I also have a bigger Boxpunx, Football Terror, on my bookshelf. See if you can find it in the photos.

Onto a completely unrelated topic…

Some of you may not know, but I have a dog named Tasha. She’s a Staffordshire Terrier cross Maltese, and it was her birthday yesterday, May 16. She turned three. Happy birthday, Tasha.




Yes, Tasha is a very intelligent dog. I was surprised, too, when she solved that Rubik’s Cube in her sleep.