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February 12, 2010, 9:20 pm
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Finally, I’ve decided to return to the world of blogging. I actually decided to blog again a couple of weeks ago, but WordPress was doing this weird thing where my posting panel was all wacked up. Did anyone else have that problem?

These past few months (wow, it’s been months???) since schoolies have been pretty awesome. I know before I left I promised a blog about schoolies, but to be honest I’ve forgotten all the details now and those who want to hear about it probably have already. But check my Facebook for the photos and you’ll get the general idea about what we did.

Anyway, since then I’ve had two family trips; a week-long one to Melbourne and a seventeen day trip to New Zealand. Needless to say, the latter was amazing. In my next few blogs I’ll be doing a travel blog with photos and everything, so stay tuned.

Oh yeah, during my extended hiatus we also received our HSC results, ATAR and university offers. And hence, I am currently enrolled at USYD for Arts (Media & Communications) / Laws. I look forward to seeing many of you there next year!

Today I, as well as many others from our grade and some from the grade above us visited James Ruse to watch the Prefects’ Valentines Day Assembly. I’d have to say our prefects did a better job, but their singing was pretty damn good (most of them). It was nice to be back at school to say hi to my friends in the lower grades. It was also a good feeling to know that we’re all out of it. I’d hate to be in uniform and going back to class at the end of a long, hot Friday. I also realised that I now know hardly anyone in the school. For starters, there are all the new year 7s that we’ve never seen, but being away for so long has rendered me unable to remember many names, even of those in year 12 now. Back when we were in school I could put a name to most of the people in the school, but now I’m totally hopeless. xD

Just a short one for today to kind of get back into the groove of blogging. I apologise if some of this didn’t make sense or was grammatically incorrect, I need to get used to blogging again!

Anyway, I hope all of you have been well over the long break and I’ll be back soon with another blog. (:

PS. I wonder if anyone even checks their blogs/feeds anymore? The blogosphere (and the frams) seemed to have died with the end of school.

PPS. Although my WordPress blog has been inactive for a while, I’ve still been posting my photographs and other little things on my Tumblr blog, A Scent Of Evergreen. The link is to your left.


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Still check everyday 😛
maybe I should get back to lengthy posts again also

Comment by meelo

I check my blog feed every day too

your shortest blog ever Jero!

Comment by Rohan

Yay for getting back into the groove of blogging (loved that line) and don’t worry I still check my blog feed everyday too 😀

Looking forward to the NZ blog and pictures!

Comment by Bosco

school moves on fast man.
apparently year 11 has this new “hottie” gangster

it’s pretty awesome that you’ve got to go places and experience new things. keep it up mate.

Comment by michael

I stalk blogsphere regularly via Belle’s page 😉

Awesome shots of New Zealand! Will you flickr the Schoolies photos?

Comment by detailsinthefabricx

Naw I won’t be putting them on Flickr, but if you want high-quality versions of any of them just ask me and I can send them to you. 🙂

Comment by thepassengerseat

Awesome. Can you please sendy then?

Comment by detailsinthefabricx

Hi! I’m Yvonne. Just happen to enter your blog and quite taken by your 2 family holiday trips. Being an adventures person, I would like to view some of your pics if you dont’t mind to share.

I’ve requested to add as your friend in fb too. Hope you accept me.

Comment by Yvonne

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