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the retarded policeman

Hey everybody. I’ll post a blog later on about what I’ve been up to recently, but first there is one thing I want to talk about.

The Retarded Policeman

Okay, so you’ve just read the title and your brain is thinking “???”.

The issue of the “Retarded Policeman” first came to my attention when I saw a video on my YouTube subscriptions page entitled “The Retarded Policeman: What Really Happened” by a very famous YouTuber called ApprenticeA. This is the guy that did the “Star Wars A Capella” video that was featured and got over six million views. Anyway, so I like his videos and so I was curious as to what his new one was about, but when I opened it it was clear to me that this was not one of his usual musical videos; it was just him talking in front of the camera.

Now, you’re probably wondering what the hell the “Retarded Policeman” is.

The “Retarded Policeman” was (and still is) a hugely successful and popular YouTube series about a… you guessed it; a retarded policeman. Here is the first episode of the series:

Now, there are a variety of reactions to this video. Some say it’s derogatory towards people with mental disabilities while others laugh at its apparent hilarity. I was in the non-laughing group when I first saw this video (and I still don’t find it very funny at all), but upon reading into it I realised that there was more to it than meets the eye. The actor that plays the “Retarded Policeman” (which I will refer to as RP henceforth) is a man that actually has Down’s Syndrome in real life. Although the series may seem like they’re (ab)using his disability to make money, the point is that a man with a mental disability is being given a chance to make something out of his life (a chance not given to most disabled people out there) through an acting career, and he’s making money at the same time. Yes, he’s making money; and this is the main point.

For those of you who don’t know, YouTube Partners make money off their videos for every view. There are advertisements on their video pages that collect ad revenue for Google/YouTube, and so the maker of the video receives a small cut of the amount received. From what I’ve heard, this amount is somewhere in the range of $2-5 per one thousand views.

So, $2-5 per one thousand views, got it? The RP series, to date, has gotten over 45 million views. If you can figure out how much they would have received from that many views, you’ll know that it’s A LOT of money. But here’s the catch. The series was a joint project between two groups: one being The Perry Brothers (PB), which includes Josh Perry, the actor for the RP, and the other being Mediocre Films (MF).

This is where it starts to get dirty. The series was posted on MF’s channel, and hence he received all the money, but it was agreed that they would split the profits equally, and that MF would cut PB a cheque every time he got a payment. This was all well and good for a while, since PB were very happy with their payments in the amounts of thousands, which they thought was an equal share, until they realised they were being ripped off. Turns out, MF was paying 5% of the total profits to PB, even though both parties contributed equal effort and cost in the project. And on top of that, there is the fact that Josh Perry is the leading actor AND he has a disability. 45 million views at, say, $3 per thousand views, is $135,000. 5% of that is $6750. So, PB: $6750, MF: $128,250.

Final Summation

The injustice of this hit me like a brick when I first heard about it. How could a person be so cold-hearted and just morally incorrect and greedy, especially considering you’re gypping the main actor who has a mental disability. I just don’t know how someone could ever do something so wrong, and at such an extreme level. Now, maybe I’m just believing one side of the story, but the evidence is pretty conclusive. The Perry Brothers have given their side of the story, as well as the numbers I mentioned, on their blog and in a video, while Mediocre Films have failed to provide any sort of counter to the evidence shown by PB. He’s posted a very short blog and an even shorter video that says nothing to back himself up at all; because he has nothing to go on.

But yeah, I’m not sure if anyone was even interested in all of that, but it was something that struck me and I felt the need to talk about it. I really hate it when people are taken advantage of and aren’t treated fairly; particularly the disadvantaged. Hmm, I guess that’s why I’m going to be a lawyer some day.

Anyway, if you read all that, I’d love to hear your thoughts about it and what you guys think about this whole situation. Do you agree with me or do you think MF has a case somehow? And, what do you think about the series itself? It is derogatory towards those with a disability? Or do you find it funny?

I feel quite cheap actually asking for comments, but this is the first time I’ve done it, simply because I want to hear what other people think.

But yeah, I promise I’ll post a normal blog tomorrow (or later). And I will also get around to uploading my photos from Monday and Tuesday. If you haven’t seen them yet, my photos from Wednesday night’s dinner are on my Flickr here.

Until next time, take care.

PS. Extra points for anyone who can tell me where “Final Summation” is from. Hint: YouTube.

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before you consider anything i say, remember that I haven’t watched the video

I’m not blaming you for this, but don’t you think that the person’s disability is irrelevant when you’re considering the legalities of this issue?
It seems to me as well that one side is getting ripped off, but I don’t think his medical issues are relevant here.

Comment by Rohan

If all was good – why would the Perry Brothers make an issue of it ?
This makes me sad too ):

Comment by transatlanticismx

Morally, yes. (assuming that their side is true) Legally, probably not.

How anyone can be so heartless is sad. 😦

Comment by Spik3balloon

I hate greedy people. I hate more is rich greedy people. ):

Comment by samcuties

*What I hate more is rich greedy people (eff)

Comment by samcuties

I can’t say anything about the clip because I’m boycotting it so the can’t my .05 cents or whatever xD

But what Joseph says is true. PR were too trusting, MF took advantage. Instead, lets all watch Jumbafund, even though it doesn’t update much 😀

Comment by detailsinthefabricx

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