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September 24, 2009, 10:50 pm
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I’m not sure if you noticed, but I’ve used this blog title before; a while back. But I just have to use it again since it’s so appropriate.

These past few days have been very interesting. So many people have been bringing cameras to school and it’s awesome. People like Marcus have come out of their shells and succumbed to the photo-taking craze, allowing people like me to capture precious memories of our grade just before it’s all over. So, here’s a quick recap of what’s been happening these past three days.

Tuesday: Tuesday was a pretty ordinary day compared to the other days this week, with the exception of the Awards Day Assembly that seemed to last for an eternity. There were a few photographs taken, but not even close to the amount on the two preceding days of school.

Flickr Set: 22-09-09: An Ordinary Tuesday

Wednesday: On this day we experienced the weirdest weather that we have ever seen in Sydney as everything became covered in dust and the skies turned red and yellow. As a result, I was afraid to take my camera out of my bag outdoors; and no-one really wanted to be outdoors for extended periods of time anyway. I did, however, capture a few shots of common room clean up that afternoon.

Flickr Set: 23-09-09: SCR

Thursday: Today was a mufti day for “Crazy Hair Day”, even though I saw maybe a tenth of the school embracing the real purpose of the day. Still, it was a nice day, dust-free, and everyone was out of uniform for a change. The library was unusually packed with the entire grade attempting to get their Scholarship and Medicine application forms signed by Mr. Deigan, and I am still yet to get mine done. At the end of the day we had a party in Physics where Kelly prepared a delicious pancake mix and everyone took turns cooking and eating them, including a few visitors to our class.

Flickr Set: 24-09-09: Mufti Day

I’ve made a collection on my Flickr with all of these sets and the ones from Friday and Monday in it, so that’s where they’ll continue to be added until school ends. Find it here:

Flickr Collection: Ruse 09: The Last Days

Oh, and one more thing. Be sure to check out the photographs that Janet took when she borrowed my camera over the weekend. I think some of them are better than any photos I’ve ever taken, so I’m sure you’ll like them.

Flickr Set: 18/19-09-09: Janet’s Photography

And that’s all from me today. I will definitely post a full blog next week when our celebrations go under way and school is finally over.

But until then, enjoy it while you can.

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I can’t help but notice everyone’s diminishing posting size 🙂 Blogging has come to an almost standstill, and photo tagging on fb is rocketing sky high.

I keep saying this- I’ll miss r09 heaps 😦

Comment by BELLE

Love the pix.

Comment by detailsinthefabricx

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