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where did my baby go
September 18, 2009, 7:14 pm
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The other day I went digging for old baby photos for the presentation for the final year 12 assembly. I got Janet to scan them for me, and so I figured I may as well upload them also.




And speaking of photos, I brought my camera to school today to give to Janet to borrow over the weekend. But during the day I got a tonne of shots, with a lot taken by Thashan, Bryan, James and Ambert. Some great memories were captured, so I’ll be bringing my camera to school everyday from now on. Check out the set!

Flickr Set: 18-09-09: At School

That’s all for today. Stay tuned for more photos next week.

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That first one gives me the giggles, it’s so awesome. Dope TMNT shirt also.

Comment by James

Your first one actually looks like you! And the second one is just so fat and squishy, it’s cute (:

Nice flickr set (:

Comment by samcuties

Wow, you were only a few months old when this was taken right?

Comment by ~materix01~

Where’s all the fat now !

Underneath the cute squishiness, you can sort of tell it’s Jeremy.

Comment by detailsinthefabricx

Really, you haven’t changed all that much. You’ve just sorta elongated alot… 🙂

Comment by BELLE

i reckon the second one looks a lot like your brother :O

Comment by .matt

That’s exactly what I thought at first.

Comment by James

Your mouth in the first one reminds me of a Pokemon 🙂

Comment by LeeAnne

How does it look like me ? :/

Comment by Jero's Brother

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