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It seems that my blogging has become increasingly sporadic. Even after the last post, in which I addressed the issues preventing me from blogging more often, I still have not found a resolve for any of them. I’m still sleeping late; in fact, I am actually waking earlier nowadays to play in the mornings. I’ve only done a bit of photography lately, not daily or two-daily as I used to. I think I’ve shot basically everything photographically-viable around my house and street, so there’s not much more I can do until I go out somewhere interesting. So, the point is, I can’t use the excuse that my creative energies have been spent elsewhere.

But regardless, here I am, just to get a few things off my chest.

There is no need to reiterate that there has been a huge increase in sentimental thoughts and blogs in the weeks leading up to the end of our schooling lives. I find myself constantly conversing about the past, the future, the short amount of time we have left at school.

And what a great school it has been. I can very confidently say that James Ruse Agricultural High School has been very good to me. I’ve loved the six years that we’ve been here, and I’ve loved all the people who I see day-in, day-out. Nowadays, I am quick to shoot down any stereotypical comments about our school. Sure, we do have certain groups that do fit the stereotype, but for the most part, people around here are very sociable. I am so thankful for the pride that we have as a grade and as a school, and I cannot say how much I love that our grade is so tight. Literally every other school has distinct segregated groups within each grade, and although we do have certain distinct groups, the barriers between each are very, very thin. It is because of this that I am able to say “Hi” to people I see out of school that I barely talk to at school. Excuse me for being very sentimental and border-line homosexual here, but I just cannot express how much I’ll miss our grade and school.

Shit, I said the word “love” too many times in that paragraph. Oh well; there they shall stay.

The other day James posted a very interesting excerpt on his blog, entitled “Security”, by Hunter S. Thompson. It discussed the differences between opposing values in society: do I choose security or risk? With security comes boredom and lack of purpose, but with risk comes both success and failure. This may be a tad tangential, but it got me thinking about school and the daily routine of timetables and bell times.

For six years we have lived each weekday by the sound of a siren, ringing eleven times each day and controlling the structure of our days. Never-failing. Constant. Routine. Routine. We say that we are looking forward to life after highschool; to freedom and university and a more open life, but I think secretly we all crave the routine. We need the routine. Through it, we feel safe; secure.

For me, the daily routine has been (on weekdays, with exceptions):

7:30/8:00: Awake, shower, get dressed, eat breakfast, brush teeth- there is virtually never a day where this routine is broken.
8:00/8:30/8:50 (depending on the day): Depart for school- I walk into my garage, through the automatic roller door and out onto the street. I turn left out of my house, then a right, another left and straight ahead to school. If school goes for 40 weeks a year, 5 days a week and I walk the route twice a day (to and from school), this means that I have walked the exact same path over 2300 times over six years. I could walk it with my eyes closed- and I’m not even kidding about this. Most days I am busy thinking about other things in my life or about the upcoming day, and sometimes I don’t even notice where I am until I am on the school grounds.
9:00 onwards: The day goes by; the bells ringing for each period. For the most part of my high school life, recesses and lunchtimes have been spent at the basketball courts- this is one part of the routine that I will miss. The way that everyone gradually arrives at the courts. The muck-around time that occurs every time before teams are arranged and a game is finally started.

What will we do without this routine? Some days we will awake early to travel to university; some days not at all. It is both a daunting and exciting prospect, although more so the latter.

So what’s the count? Nine official days of school (albeit with some not spent on the school grounds). I could never have imagined what it would be like to be at this point. At the beginning of the year it felt so far away. Even more so last year. And it was just a pipe dream when I first arrived in year 7. But here we are; nearing the end. Wow. Before we know it, the HSC will be over and we will arrive, finally, at that point that we’ve all been dreaming about- freedom.

So I say suck it up for the next few weeks. There’s not long to go, so we might as well make the most of it- both academically and in terms of spending time with friends.

It’ll all be over faster than we think.

And with that, I will end. Please do take care; I really mean this, and I wish the best to all of you.

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Hi Jeremy,

I think i realy do need the routine, in holidays, i have the weirdest sleeping patterns and sometimes I have to think for a while before I even know what day it is. Granted, uni isn’t going to be one massive holiday, but still. Now you got me feeling soppy .

Comment by LeeAnne

Definitely the time to feel homo and sentimental

Though we haven’t talked much the past fews years, thanks for the times in year 7-9 🙂

Comment by bk201

Everyday we draw nearer to the end, our time left at school lessens. This is why I haven’t taken a sickie, even though I am sick (hopefully/probably not contagious).

At least there’s still schoolies to look forward to !

*Thnks fr th mmrs! Friends forever!* End Gayness.

Take care (too) and good luck Jeremy (:

Comment by detailsinthefabricx

Omagad. I read this last night but I was too deep in thought about the past, etc that I forgot to comment.


🙂 Thank yew for being great as always. I HOPE EVERYONE KEEPS IN TOUCH- somehow.

Comment by BELLE

[…] the wash on Tuesday afternoon I started thinking about what it would feel like on November 2nd. In Jeremy’s blog a while back, he mentioned something about the security of school and how the routine really […]

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