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September 9, 2009, 8:56 pm
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Long time no blog, aye?

The reason for my absence is, to put it frankly, that I just haven’t had the inspiration to write up a post. Sure, a lot of things have been going on post-trials, but another reason for not blogging is that I’ve been really tired lately. I’ve been sleeping at (on average) 1am every night, which I have done consistently in the past and been fine, but for some odd reason I find myself burning out so much earlier in the day. Maybe it’s due to my large weight gain during holidays and trials, or maybe doing jack all in the break after trials has slowed my brain down. Or maybe I just need more sleep. Heck, I’m pretty damn tired now. I know a lot of people nap in the afternoons, but I just can’t bring myself to do it. My reasoning is that I could be doing so much more in the time that I am sleeping, but in actual fact I do nothing in the afternoon. I will definitely try to sleep earlier tonight.

Another reason is that for the past few weeks, all my creative energy has been spent on photography rather than writing blogs. I’ve brought my camera to almost every recent outing, and so I’ve kind of documented those days through photos rather than words. And anyway, a picture’s worth… yeah, you all know the saying. So how does this affect my blogging? Well, after an outing I will have many, many photos to process, tag and upload, and so that takes up quite a bit of my night. By that time, my energy supplies for the day have been depleted. Hence, my Tumblr blog and Flickr stream have been updated much more regularly than this blog.

But enough with the excuses already!

I decided to blog today after a very fun afternoon at school. The past week or so has been full of memorable moments; some of the last as a high school student, and despite the many recounts of each, I feel like I want to put down my own experiences also. So, here goes…

USYD Open Day (since my previous blog did not recount the day sufficiently)

Wow, it feels like so long ago that I went to the University of Sydney Open Day, since so much has happened since then. The lectures I went to that day were: International & Global Studies, Psychology and Socio-Legal Studies. To be honest, these were not very helpful to me. When I walked in (late) to the International & Global Studies one, I got a chance to see the course overview and the majors available. The fact that a language study and a year overseas were not compulsory were quite attractive to me, although it may not have been for most others. The majors looked interesting (Anthropology, Sociology), and it kind of swayed me towards it a bit. However, upon hearing about the dodginess of the faculty and stories of people switching out of the course and such, I was turned off it. The Psychology lecture was for Janet’s benefit, but I must say that it sounded very interesting. And lastly, the Socio-Legal Studies lecture sounded like it might apply to us, but we soon realised that it was pointless and that it was just a dumbed-down version of Law for people who don’t want to or can’t do actual Law.

That night I had dinner with everyone at Wagaya, a Japanese restaurant. I was quite impressed with the ambience of the interior coupled with the cheap prices and cool ordering system. I love Japanese food (it’s my favourite), and so I was more than satisfied with the meal.

Photos: 29-08-09: USYD Open Day

UNSW Open Day

This one was a bit more helpful for me. The day started with meeting everyone at Epping Station and training it to Central before finding the free bus to the university. Upon arrival, Leeanne, Douglas and I rushed to the Law building to catch the faculty lecture there. Straight up, the UNSW lectures were a lot better than the USYD ones. Sure, they had the mandatory “our university is better than everyone else” parts of the talk, but the talks by the teacher and student of the subject gave a bit more insight into the course itself. Some facets of the course sounded very boring and menial; things like property law which the teacher sounded so passionate about, but other parts, like social and criminal law, did interest me a lot.

The next lecture was Criminology, but upon arrival at the venue, we found the entire lecture theatre literally packed to the brim, so much so that the last guy standing at the back had his backpack keeping the door open. So, we decided to skip out on this one and went to find the others hanging around outside, and while there we nabbed some of the free fairy floss and popcorn. It was awesome. After a while I headed to the Arts lecture on my own. This talk, like the Law one, did help me a lot. I stayed there until the end of the bit about the Media course, and while sitting there I had a think about the things I would enjoy doing in university, and I realised that my initial idea of doing Media still interested me a lot. This talk only strengthened my resolve to do this course, albeit at USYD rather than UNSW.

After that lecture, I left to find the others and we hung around outside a bit until I found Thashan and followed him to the Actuarial Studies lecture to meet Annie. The lecturer, however, did not turn up, and a while later a guy arrived panting and sweating and gave an impromptu talk about the course (he was a teacher of the subject). We stayed in there for a while until it was time to go to the Medicine lecture. That lecture was very, very boring for me. The guy talking was the biggest cynic I’ve seen in a while (are all doctors like this?). I figured I would just sit in on the lecture to check it out since everyone else was there, but I soon realised  that there was no escape from the huge lecture theatre, ruled by the scary presenter. I am not considering Medicine at all, and so I proceeded to finish a game of solitaire and did a few doodles. Throughout the lecture, Michael and I were repeatedly facepalming ourselves in embarrassment at the presenter’s jokes. At one point a girl got up and started to walk out of the lecture theatre, and the man just stopped talking and watched her all the way for the twenty seconds it took to get out of the lecture theatre. I had considered leaving earlier in the lecture, and it seemed that my decision not to was a good one.

Upon escaping the prison of a lecture, Thashan, Simon and I were thoroughly starved, and so we rushed to the food court/arcade nearby to grab something to eat. The place was terribly maintained; we struggled to find a clean table to sit at, and eventually settled for one after wiping it down with tissues.

After that, we met up with the others and hung around a bit before heading to the buses.

The highlight of the day? Seeing James. No, not James Tang (who did not attend the Open Day although intending to, but that’s a different story), but an exact replica of him. The backpack, the beanie, the jeans- everything was exactly the same. After Deva pointed him out to me, I managed to get some shots of the guy:


See what I mean?

Photos: 05-09-09: UNSW Open Day

Post-UNSW & Deva’s Place

After boarding the buses to the city from UNSW, we finally met up with James after his beach adventure and all went to Hungry Jacks to get a bite to eat. We thought we had lost Deva at the buses, but unfortunately he was still with us at Central. The reason for this is because we wanted to go shopping to get him a birthday present, but this was not possible with him around. Luckily, a phone call was arranged and Deva was told to get home early, and we soon found ourselves in Paddy’s Markets without Deva and with the agenda of birthday present searching. We ended up getting him two sketches of Michael Jackson (one current, one young Michael) from one of the Asian guys at the market that does caricatures (these were proper sketches, not caricatures). These were only part of the gift, however, as Michael Li had gone shopping by himself instead of attending the Open Day and picked up a Nike backpack and a gridiron ball, which we would all later chip in for.

At sometime before 6pm, we went back to the station to catch a train to West Ryde and to Deva’s house for his surprise birthday party. I stayed on until Epping to fetch my car with my stuff in it and met the others outside Deva’s place. Unknown to Deva, we quietly creeped down his driveway to his front door, where Kris and Ameya knocked while we all hid to the side. As Deva opened to door, the group of us (there were about 15 in the pack) rushed into his house… and then out again to remove our shoes.

What followed was a great night of good food cooked by Deva’s mum, Halo, Fifa, Street Fighter and NBA Live as well as some fun with MSN. Ameya and I managed to win an epic round of Halo 2 very convincingly. It was first to 250 kills, and we won by more than 70 kills.

Because of our adventures during the day, I was pooped, so I think I slept the most out of everyone there. The party ended when we all left at around 10-11am the next morning.

Photos: 05/06-09-09: Deva’s Place

Since Then…

Since those two fun weekends, there has still been fun at school.

Deva has been bringing his new gridiron ball to school, and so it’s been a lot of fun playing with that with everyone. It’s kind of nice to have a break from basketball once in a while, especially with everyone’s passion for the sport dying down as of late.

Yesterday’s free period was the height of the day (c wut i did thar?). Bryan, Marcus, Leeanne and I and later Belle played a few fun-filled games of Jenga. I haven’t really had a chance to sit with friends and have fun like this in a while, so it was great to just chill out and have a laugh. Psyching eachother out, trying to pull off dangerous moves and cracking up when someone lost was really, really fun (how many times have I said “fun”?) and it made me realise just how much I love all my friends.

Belle’s Recount | Sandy’s Recount | Video Part 1 | Video Part 2

Today I stayed back at school during sport time for Deva’s maths study group. During lunch, Deva, Ben, Richard, Danny, Campbell and I had a bit of a throwaround with the gridiron ball and later a vortex. This is something I haven’t done for a while, having spent all my recesses and lunches at the basketball courts. It reminded me of those times we would mess around on the oval after sport on Wednesdays.

Afterwards, the study group consisted of Deva, Douglas, Marcus, SY, Alison, Sharon and I and we were later joined by Don, Michael and Joseph (did I miss anyone?). We spent a while trying to work out some of Deva’s super-hard geometry and integration questions, and I finished a past paper that I had started in class. But later, things went a bit off track, but in the best possible way.

Deva asked Sharon to buy him a drink from the canteen, and she came back with a bottle of Multi-V and many straws. So Douglas and Deva proceeded to add a bit of fun to the boring task of simply drinking the juice, and joined all the straws together end-to-end to make one long straw, with Douglas holding the bottle and Deva standing on a chair to drink. Later, more straws were obtained and the bottle was placed on the floor with Deva drinking from it. It was very funny to watch. Later, we ended up playing waste-paper basketball, trying trickshots and the likes. Needless to say, I went home quite happy due to the fun I had had during the day,

And now…

So now we are reaching the end of our high school lives, with 17 days of school to go (correct me if I’m wrong). It’s pretty daunting to know that the end is so close, and yet there is so much out there for all of us after we leave. As it has been said many times before, this is a beginning, not an end, and I do look forward to it, providing I still have a chance to see all my friends later on. So here’s to hoping that we all, or at least most of us, manage to stay in touch as we go into university and careers and the likes. To be honest, as much as we joke about it and at the risk of sounding clichéd/corny/whatever, I really will miss all of you.

Take care everyone.

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OMG It’s a James clone !

Damn those numbers are scary. 17 :S D:

Comment by detailsinthefabricx

TT__TT;; Too short eh. It sounds so short! 😦

Jero, you recount all this very nicely. I can’t help but sound a bit nostalgic, even though this stuff is like.. 1 week old ==;

Comment by BELLE

luff yew

Comment by meelo


I kid. I’m a sop X a billion. 15 days left? from my count.

Comment by Leeanne

17 days.
I could probably write a song atm…

Comment by materix01

IS IT 17?

Comment by Leeanne

Yeah, I thought it was 15 days as well.
But 17 is longer so I want to believe the former.
Plus 17 days sounds better than a song called 15 days. 17 just flows better ^^
On a side note, I think I’m on a coffee high atm =P

Comment by materix01


That’s the only way to type when being nostalgic. Anyway, yeah, I purposely missed the open day so I wouldn’t clash with that guy – true story, it happened to a friend of a friend of mine. Lubbeh yew too, Miloz.

Comment by James

I laughed so hard when I saw the James clone ;D

Comment by samcuties

[…] Maybe. Come back later when I’ve uploaded photos from Deva’s study group, mentioned here by Jero. Like he said, awesome […]

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hiii jero, said i’d be here so here i am

yesterday was fun haha we have to do it again next week !

and i must compliment u on ur blog, appreciate all the effort u put into it 🙂

Comment by ally

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