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August 8, 2009, 6:34 pm
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This post is a BIG BIG thank you to everyone who contributed to my birthday present and sent me birthday wishes today and yesterday.

For writing messages on the big birthday canvas: Bryan (x2), Milo, Michael, Deva, Marcus, Mindy, Swami, Sharon, Kelly, Leeanne, Winnie, Peter, James (for the drawing, rather), SY, Simon, Gabriel, Larissa, Jackie, Belle, Eddy, Phat, Sandy, Grubsy, Doug, Thashan, Michelle, Ben, John (unfortunately I think your message was lost before it got stuck on).

Wow, upon typing out that list it makes me realise just how many friends I have here at Ruse; and that’s not even all of them. It so wonderful to know that we’re all so tight with eachother, and I think Belle’s message pretty much sums it up: “keep being that wonderful sentimental kid you are”. I guess that’s the reason that I love this gift so much, because it’s something I’ll be able to keep for the rest of my life to remember all my high school friends. Thank you all so much.

Oh wait, I forgot to thank one person: Janet.

Thank you so, so much for putting together the whole thing. Your art skills are incomparable and the whole thing looks so nice. You’re wonderful.

The canvas is happily sitting on my wall right above my bed.


Thank you also to all those that sent me birthday wishes today: James, Deva, Phat, SY, Milo, Leeanne, Bosco, Bravin, Aryan, Jack, Jackie, Thashan, Vinson, Victor, Kerry, John, Chrishan, Joseph, Matt, Simon, Annie, Don, Bryan. Oh, and also to those people who said “Happy Birthday for tomorrow” yesterday.

Although she doesn’t read my blog, thanks also to Yaso (a family friend) who made me a beautiful cake today!


So, hmm. Eighteen. What to do? Apparently I’m a legal adult now, although I don’t really feel it. And for those of you who are wondering: no, unfortunately I did not attempt to buy alcohol today. Maybe some other time!

But anyway, I must be off now. Good luck to you all for your trials in these coming two weeks. Don’t stress too much!

Take care everyone.

PS. This is my first ever blog without a song name as the title! Amazing!

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ahahaaaa thank you is a led zep song (:
Happy 18th once again (:

Comment by janet

Enjoy your 18th (:
‘Thank You’ is many songs. Like Dido’s 😀

Comment by detailsinthefabricx

daaaaang that is a NICE cake.
have a good one.
pity we can’t all have massive celebrations this year.. hsc and that.
look to the future, kick some ass.

Comment by meelo

chuck a massive 18th after trials!

for the record, i passed on my birthday wishes.

Also, can you take close-up photos of the messages and put them on your flickr?

Comment by Rohan

Maybe after trials. 😉

Comment by thepassengerseat

Seems like you had a great time.
I just wanted to say happy belated birthday and sorry for saying that on Friday without the words “in advance”. 😦 When I was writing 08/08/09 in my driving log book yday I suddenly remembered that year we were singing happy birthday to you on the bus back from camp.

DO YOU REMEMBER THAT?! Were we in high school already? Or were we still in primary? Was there a cake? Or at least a donut? Ho hum. I’m not very clear on that.

Maybe my mind made up the donut part, because you used to be jeroking8, and well, it reminded me of Donut King. 😎


Comment by mishmashmosh

Ahaha, I do remember! It was in high school I’m pretty sure, don’t remember what year though. Year 9 Canberra maybe? But I don’t remember a cake/donut. xD

Comment by thepassengerseat


Okay I’ll off the caps-lock now. After this week is over it’ll be party party party. Come watch Public Enemies yes? We’ll get a big group and then maybe have dinner afterrrr. Like always.


Comment by Leeanne

my dad offered beer to me but i had to decline. being drunk during trials is a no no.

Comment by bk201

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