the passenger seat

sunny day

This will be my shortest post on this blog ever.

The only reason I’m making a post is to plug my Tumblr and my Flickr, where you can find some of the photographs Janet and I took today around Carlingford in between studying at the library.

My Tumblr: A Scent Of Evergreen

Flickr set: 27-07-09: Carlingford

Two of the best shots of the day:



Keep checking back on both my Tumblr and Flickr, as I’ll be adding more photographs in the next few days when I get around to editing them.

Blog title, anyone?

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Comment by mishmashmosh

just read your ‘about me’ – you’re 4 days younger than me! =D
nice photos! keke i can read the chinese on the wheels, how come you have a chinese bin! D:

Comment by CHRISAU

It was a public one near the library. I didn’t even notice the Chinese until I uploaded it!

Comment by thepassengerseat

I like the eucalypt one on your tumblr. Reminds me of your gravitar.

Comment by detailsinthefabricx

Nice blog.

Comment by dunksrnice

Thanks. đŸ˜€

Comment by thepassengerseat

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