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So today I had my driving test. Despite all the wishes of luck you guys gave me (which I greatly appreciate), unfortunately, I did not pass this time. One stupid mistake got me undone, so my car still looks like this:


I took my test at the Silverwater RTA. It was a terrible day to do it. For some reason the traffic was all clogged up all the way along Silverwater Road. I think there may have been an accident somewhere, because at one point we did not move for almost 10 minutes, and as a result the testing officer decided to cut one section of the course due to time constraints. Anyway, it was actually just before this long wait in traffic that I failed. One big mistake cost me the whole test; the rest of my driving was perfect, with a score of 95+%. So what happened was that I was at a 4-way intersection and the examiner told me to turn right. Keep in mind that I was freaking nervous throughout the entire test; I haven’t been that nervous in a long time. So I was preparing to turn right into the closest of ย the two lanes on my right. The light turned green and I proceeded, but in my nervousness and also somewhat due to the sunlight in my eyes (not making excuses, but that’s how it was), I didn’t realise that it was not a green arrow and I forgot to give way to the people on the opposite side of the road turning left into the same street that I wanted to turn into. I hope that made sense. Luckily no one wanted to turn into my lane while I was turning, so we didn’t have an accident. Oh, and on top of that there was a stupid pedestrian who tried to cross (running) after the lights had gone off, so that added even more to the danger of the situation.

When we got back she gave me the score sheet and I saw that apart from that fail item I only had one or two other little mistakes; the rest was perfect. I’ll be going back to do it again the Monday after our Trials finish, so I hope I can pass then since I now know the course and its tricks.

Anyway, after the test we went back to Harvey Norman in Auburn, since my mum needed to pick up the photos that she had ordered on Sunday. I decided to stay with the car in the carpark and, since I had brought along my camera in anticipation of this, I went around shooting stuff. You can find the best of these photos on my Tumblr,ย ย as well as a few from yesterday. You can also find my photos on my Flickr, where you can also see the settings I shot with if you’re interested in that sort of thing.

That’s all I have to report today. I’m going to Parramatta tomorrow and I’m bringing my camera along, so keep an eye out for some more photos tomorrow.

Oh, blog title? I’m surprised no one guessed the title for my last two. “Split Screen Sadness” is by John Mayer, off his album Heavier Things.

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Better luck next time ๐Ÿ™‚ There are very few people who pass on the first go. I hate crazy pedestrians D:< They belong on the footpaths not on the road D:<

A stupid question: what is the usual size of a dslr memory card? (do they even use SD cards? D: I have no idea)

Comment by BELLE

Yeah, they’re SD cards. I got a 4GB one, which lets me take just over 1000 photos in one session at about 3MB per photo, which is pretty standard. You can get any size: 1GB, 2GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB… ๐Ÿ™‚

Comment by thepassengerseat

Oh wow. V nice ๐Ÿ™‚ TY!

Comment by BELLE

bl mate, must’ve been fun waiting in the traffic
like the photo, although the inclusion of it was a bit iuno, forced hehe
love the work.

Comment by meelo

Jack Johnson. easy baby.
looking forward to those camera photos.

Good luck for your next attempt. Wear sunglasses and use that sun blocker flap thing. It’s too hard to explain what I mean. But it’s just above the windshield.

Comment by Rohan

Actually, the officer had hers down in the passenger seat (pun unintended) and it obscured my view. xD

Comment by thepassengerseat

Damn, bl. Gl for next time though.

Silverwater Road is horrible in peak hour. In the morning, if you’re heading towards the city, you’re effed.

Comment by Spik3balloon

I am sure you will pass next time, fingers crossed..

Comment by carol

Dont worry it should be okie next time. I have my test on 8th Aug Sat 11:00 am . I hope it will not be busy around that time. This will be my 3rd attempt.I used to take 8:30 am slot weekday for the earlier test and one small mistake used to cost me my driving test.Hopefully I get it this time.I really get nervous when I sit for a test .Needsome good luck friends

Comment by Adi

Oh i did my at silwater and failed 222… n i failed at the first stope signe at the RTA .. i AM V DISAPOINTED… wher did she take u with those yellow gogs on… hehehe
u seem to be a v good photographer.. i bout a sla caz photographi intrest me took few shots in the begning n they were no good .. so sopet taking any ore I guess u should tell me few triks of the trade..
n do let me know how u went with ur test….

Comment by vijaya

Hi . i know this was a really old post but i was wondering if you could remember and guide me around the route of Silverwater’s driving test route . Im soon going for my P’s and im afraid i might forget little things , so i would like to practice the route. If you remember could you please post the street names and where you went ๐Ÿ™‚

Comment by QWERTY

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Comment by clean energy race

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