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Just a quick note: that movie post I mentioned in my last post will be posted tomorrow, after I have watched Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

This post will be about the music I’ve been listening to as of late.

My music taste has definitely changed a lot recently. I remember in year 7, Eminem and D12’s “My Band” were all the craze, as well as Usher and Chingy and all those guys. Man, those were good times. I look back and wonder “what the hell was I thinking?” All I did back then was go with the latest craze and listen to what everyone else was listening to. I remember going onto, seeing any cool songs up there and downloading them on Limewire. Yes, Limewire. Awesome times. I was so naïve, and that was probably when I first started actually getting into music. I really didn’t know anything about music before then except that John Farnham and Human Nature were cool and the Bee Gees were okay, because these were the only artists I ever heard in my household.

Shoot forward one or two years and I only listened to indie rock and acoustic guitar artists. Remember back in the day when everyone listened to bands like Fall Out Boy and Panic At The Disco (back when they had the ! in their name)? Yeah, I was part of that craze. That was the only music I listened to for a long time. Throw in Death Cab For Cutie, who, as you probably know by now, are still my favourite, Anberlin, who I’d like to think are set apart from the other indie/punk/alternative bands are are also still a favourite, and Red Hot Chili Peppers, who I actually have not listened to for a long time.

I think my music taste has matured as I have matured. If any of you remember my blogs some time ago, I talked about listening to bands like Lymbyc Systym and This Will Destroy You- indie instrumental soft rock/post-rock. That was a phase where I somehow really got into a genre I had never heard of before and it was nice for a long time. The soft, gentle background music got me through that exam period and it was great.

After that, you might remember my post about MGMT and Empire Of The Sun. That was a short electronic phase. After discovering new post-rock bands, many of them were heavily electronic- and synthesiser-based, and I guess this stems from my liking of The Postal Service (of which Ben Gibbard is the vocalist, so, naturally, I like them).

From there, somehow I’ve started to like Hip-Hop and RnB a lot, mainly since I was introduced to Kanye West a while ago when his latest album was released. Some of my recent downloads include:

  • Mos Def – The Ecstatic
  • Mos Def & Talib Kweli: Mos Def & Talib Kweli are Black Star
  • Ne-Yo – Year Of The Gentleman
  • Ne-Yo – In My Own Words
  • Akon – Freedom
  • The Foreign Exchange – Leave It All Behind
  • The Foreign Exchange – Connected
  • Wyclef Jean – Carnival Vol. II: Memoirs Of An Immigrant

A lot of these have been due to James’ influence. Right now I’m really feeling The Foreign Exchange and some of Wyclef Jean. I’ve pretty much been listening to only those artists for the past few days. There’s just something about the beats and production of some of the tracks that sounds really fresh to me. They feel clean, too, unlike to mess of guitars and drums and things like that in other music. It’s easy on the ears.

Actually, I’m listening to Norah Jones’ album Come Away With Me right now, which I’ve been meaning to obtain for a long time now. Really nice stuff; soothing.

I’ve noticed my music taste has really broadened in recent times. I find myself liking songs on the radio that I never would have thought I’d like, and that I know other people don’t like at all. I guess I’ve grown to be more open with this sort of thing, and I’m no longer trying to follow any trend or be “cool” and go with the crowd. I’ve just been listening with my own ears and deciding what I like and going with that. I think this is a result of growing up and having a lesser sense of peer pressure and more individuality. Oh gosh, that’s made me think about English. Yuck.

On a completely different topic, today I went to the city. Picked up a few bargain shirts which I’m really happy with, but while shopping I saw David Lam and Gavin shopping together at General Pants. Does anyone remember them? The crazy baller guys from a few years back; they were in year 12 when we were in year 8. Anyway, they were good friends back in the day, and I just find it really nice to see them still going out together and hanging out even four years after they graduated from Ruse. This is what I hope for in the future. I still want to be hanging out with my high school friends throughout university and beyond, and for those that this is not possible, I definitely want to at least keep in touch online or something like that. Reunions every now and then would be awesome, too, just to see everyone’s faces again and to catch up and see how people have changed.

But yeah, I think that’s enough sentimentality. I really love my friends here at Ruse, and you’re all awesome people, so thank you for that.

Anyway, that’ll be all today. Expect that movie post tomorrow, but until then, adios.

PS. Blog title? It’s a song by an artist I liked for a short time a while ago, after going to a concert… Well done to Swami for picking up the blog title, “Too Much Food” by Jason Mraz off his album Waiting For My Rocket To Come. You can have twenty points for that. And also thanks to everyone else’s comments. It’s nice to see all the different opinions on MasterChef.

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These chicks don’t even know the name of my band…

Heh, I remember in DT or any time we were in the computer labs, everyone would go on Take40.

Wow, that’s a very eclectic range of music. Might have to get Norah Jones at some point too, haven’t heard her for a while.

Heh, ah Gavin. He was one of my peer support leaders (other one being El Capitano Jen). I don’t think he remembers (or wants to remember) me anymore. But yeah, the distant future will be interesting to see, and hopefully we can all be clingy enough to keep in touch as the years pass. 😛

Comment by Spik3balloon




Perhaps we can watch the next HARRY POTTER 7 in 3D at imax with Ruse 09 folk :O That would be fun 😀

Comment by mishmashmosh

Although our music tastes are different, I have to say I have experienced a similar level of maturity in my music taste. I find myself DLing a lot of albums and then my favourite tracks are individually chosen, without pop influence. I;m often not a fan of the major title tracks because I think subconsciously, I like to maintain individuality.
My 3 all-time fave songs are U2-beautiful Day, Lifehouse-Hanging By a Moment and FOB – Champagne for my Real Friends, Real pain for my Sham Friends. I heard all of them YEARS after they came out so I wasn’t brainwashed by pop culture.

Comment by Rohan

Swami, you like Hot and Cold by Katy Perry so my respect there has plummeted beyond saving.

Comment by Leeanne

David was my peer support leader. Didn’t he score 50 points in a grade sport game?

Comment by Rohan

Yeah, legend.

Comment by thepassengerseat


Try Priscilla Ahn? 🙂 She’s pretty good.
I don’t really listen to music by bands anymore. I am loving listening to quiet, soothing vocals accompanied by a piano or an acoustic guitar. 🙂 Peaceful and relaxing.

Keep blogging during uni so I can see what’s happening with everyone? 🙂

Comment by mishmashmosh

its so true. when you hear those particular songs, you’re reminded of those different times and you’re different music tastes
roses by outkast reminds me of year 7/8

damn i was gonna say dance floor anthem by good charlotte

Comment by michael

‘I remember in year 7, Eminem and D12’s “My Band” were all the craze, as well as Usher and Chingy and all those guys.

You weren’t naive, you were keeping it real.

Anyway, ‘David was my peer support leader. Didn’t he score 50 points in a grade sport game?’

Jero, we could have easily done that against, who was it? Murifield? The farm/basketball court school. One of us could have easily dropped 60+ lmao, except I’m assuming defence actually existed when David Lam.

haha we could have started another legend that like ‘Deva/Jero dropped 75 pts once!!’ which might be mentioned in a blog 4 years from now.

peace and love

Comment by thashan

Haha, damn we totally could have, but 30 just doesn’t cut it like 50, and everyone knew it was a blow-out. xD

Comment by thepassengerseat

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