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light pollution

Went to Billy Kwong tonight. For those of you who might have seen her on TV, it’s Kylie Kwong’s (celebrity chef) restaurant, and she was actually there tonight helping out in the kitchen. Probably the best Chinese restaurant I’ve ever been to (albeit quite pricey), and this was about the fifth time I’ve been there. Had four dishes with rice: crispy-skin organic duck with mandarine sauce, deep-fried silken tofu with caramelised organic tomatoes and organic garlic, red-braised caramelised organic pork belly with Chinese coleslaw and steamed Chinese greens with organic tamari. Those dish names were taken straight from the menu, and as you can tell, the restaurant is very heavily based on organic produce and so-called ‘clean’ food, with nothing that would be bad for you. And this actually pays off, the food tastes really really great.


So last night I promised the photos from the dance. Since I already talked so much about it in that blog, I’ll let the photos talk for this one. All of the light trails were taken by James, and you can kind of make out who drew each of them. The interior shots were taken by me; they were the only interiors that I felt worth showing. Warning: some photographs may be offensive to sensitive viewers.













Good job to John and Buddha who got the title but didn’t say it. “They Move on Tracks of Never-Ending Light” is by This Will Destroy You, off their self-titled album.

Try this title.

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That LED was pretty bright for my eyes.

Comment by jonald

John’s face in the photo 4th from the bottom is so freaking good,

photos are kick-ass and I really want to try this Billy Kwong place

Comment by LeeAnne


O_O Okay. weird. Dad just walked in on me and was staring at the photo of you peeing blue light and he said, what’s the blue thing :O


Comment by mishmashmosh

lol, interesting photos.

Comment by llemonthyme

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