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Well, first off…

R.I.P. Michael Joseph Jackson
29/08/1958 – 25/06/2009




This morning I hopped into John’s car, where he had his MP3 player input for the car stereo and told me to hook up my iPod. So I proceeded to do so, and put on some music but then Thashan said “Put on some Michael Jackson, he’s dead.” Being the joker I know he is and combined with the fact that I hadn’t seen the TV or heard the radio before I’d left, I didn’t believe him, but then he said “He died of a heart attack this morning”. Then I realised he was serious, and John confirmed that, and I just sat there in shock for a moment. I’ve been a fan of his music and respected him as the King Of Pop that he is, and I was actually very saddened to hear that he had passed away. We then listened to his music for the rest of the car trip, and then when we arrived at Parramatta Westfield his music was playing in quite a few stores; Foot Locker was playing a concert of his on their screens. We went to JB HI-FI for a while after the movie, and there was not a single Michael Jackson album left in the store. On the bus home, I watched part of his concert (“Billie Jean” at his 30th Anniversary Concert in 2001) on my iPod and then listened to more of his music. At least his music still lives on. Then I came home and saw all the reports on the news. Speaking of which, everyone needs to watch the tribute show tonight at 10pm on Channel Ten.

Anyway, so the reason I went to Parramatta today was to watch Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.


Basically, the movie was just humungous robots fighting and Megan Fox. It really catered for fans of Megan Fox, and so I think all of us there (James, Bryan, Deva, John, Bobby, Doug, Thashan, Kris and I) weren’t disappointed with that aspect. There were some very unnecessary scenes with Megan Fox in them, but they were good. In terms of plot, there wasn’t really much to it, but it’s not like anyone was really expecting an awesome storyline anyway. In my opinion there was just a bit too much action. It was a two and a half hour film, and pretty much the last one and a half of those hours was guns and explosions and massive metal robots battling it out. Overall, it was still a good movie and I did enjoy it. Oh, also, Isabel Lucas’ part in the movie is wack. And, I wore my Transformers belt to watch the movie.

Another part of today was playing with James’ camera, a Nikon D60 DSLR. To say the least , it was mad fun, and it’s made me want a camera even more now. I spent a lot of time messing around and taking pictures of everyone and random things and it was so much fun. Also, we had a look at the Nikon D5000 in some stores, and seeing it in real life also added to my increased want for one. Anyway, there’s not really much else to say about that, so I’ll let the pictures speak for thimselves. These were all taken by me on James’ camera. For more photos and James’ own photography, kindly direct yourselves to his blog, entitled re:discover. He’s got some really good stuff there and I’m jealous.

Most of the following photos have been touched up a little. The ones with people in them are mainly just white balance/contrast/lighting fixes, but most are true to the original. The ones that don’t include people (shoes, lights) have had a little more done to them as I’m sure you’ll notice.

These first few were taken when we first arrived at the station, waiting for other people to arrive.





Deva’s reaction to Michael Jackson’s death:


The next few were taken while eating at the food court before the movie.


Mmm, Maccas. It’s okay, I didn’t eat before the movie so there were no grubby hands on the camera.






No points for guessing the title of tonight’s blog.

PS. Leeanne has a blog! Time-Turning @ WordPress.

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The post-production on the third last photo of the lights is so, so dope.

Comment by James


I was going to say what James said.

It’s like photos you would see printed in a hotel’s brochure or something 🙂

Good job

Comment by mishmashmosh

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