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I love Friday Week B. Having dropped English Extension II, I now have a double free for periods 1 and 2, meaning I can sleep in until just before 10am. Ah, that’s the life. Being able to sleep in for three days in a row feels really good because that’s even more sleep caught up, which I’ve lost during the week.

In other news, today was Shave For A Cure. At recess, JGan and Swami (almost) had their hair completely removed, while John and Bobby had theirs done at lunchtime. I must say, all the people that got shaved don’t look as odd as I expected them to look, so I guess that’s a good thing. It must suck to have all your hair removed during winter, though, since it’d be super freezing everyday. Ah well, I guess it’s more incentive for them to wear a beanie all the time, which is cool (or is it warm?).

The main point I wanted to talk about on the topic of today’s shaving is the issue of the year eight girl selling her hair on eBay. What was her name again? I remembered it earlier but I’ve forgotten since. Anyway, so she’s selling her hair for $500 or $600 on eBay. My first thoughts: wow, what an investment. But what is she going to do with that money? Technically, she should be adding it to her sponsor fund for the Leukaemia Foundation, but I’ve heard that she’s using it elsewhere. Then comes the question that everyone’s been asking: why would someone pay so much for it? It’s been reasoned that anyone who wanted human hair for wigs or hair extensions or the like could easily get it for free or much cheaper from barber shops and hairdressers anywhere, but I came to the conclusion that the reason it’s worth so much is because having hair cut off at that length (she cut off entire ponytails) is very rare. It’d be pretty hard to find someone (a girl) with hair that long who would want to cut it off in full, intact strands, and therein the value lies. A quick search on Google shows that human hair wigs can sell for as much as US$900 (for long styles), and so I guess this is the purpose that the girl’s hair is going to be used for. Still, it’s pretty crazy for her to even think of selling it online, and even moreso for the guy buying it. But hey, I heard he’s American, so I guess that explains it.

Anyway, speaking of hair, the girl in the video below has quite a bit of it. The video is called “Her Morning Elegance”, and it’s a stop motion of a woman in a bed shot from the ceiling; the bed, with the use of other objects, acting as the scenery. Definitely one to watch right now. The music it’s set to (“Her Morning Elegance” by Oren Lavie) isn’t bad either.

“Her Morning Elegance” was actually found by following some links from the next video, below, which showed up on one of the design blogs I follow, called Design You Trust. This one is called “Sorry I’m Late”, and this time it’s a man on floorboards, again with various objects acting as the scenery. It also very cleverly uses smaller objects such as a toy car and a doll house, shot closer to the camera to make it appear part of the scene. Anyway, you can see all that for yourself. If you want to see the-making-of, they have a collection of fairly detailed videos, photographs and explanations on how it was done at their website here.

Here’s another scenery, but this time it’s real. The photos below are of Hong Kong, where I’m sure many of you have been and know more about than I do. Heck, you’ve probably seen these photographs before (or in real life?). Anyway, so almost everyone in Hong Kong lives in apartments, much like Singapore, with which I am more familiar. Now, if you think about poor-ish places like India or Mexico with a high poverty rate, the poorest tend to live on the outskirts of large cities in their own dilapidated, often self-built, little houses. But in Hong Kong there’s no space for that. And so they do this:



These photos were found on Dailytonic.

And on the topic of buildings (don’t you love my shifts between topics?), on Tuesday May 26 a ceremony was held to mark to start of construction at the site of the new Louvre in Abu Dhabi, a joint project between France and the United Arab Emirates. To say the least, it looks amazing. While it appears to be a flying saucer from another world, the shallow, perforated dome (which produces a very nice lighting effect inside) is actually inspired by traditional Arabic architecture. I’m really looking forward to when this is finished in three years’ time, but for now, here are some images of what it’s been planned to look like (for larger photographs go here):






And there ends today’s blog. Today’s title is once again a Death Cab For Cutie song, from The Stability EP. This post will be the last following the Death Cab For Cutie song title theme, as I’m finding it increasingly difficult to use a title that relates to the topics discussed in the post. From now on I will simply be using song titles or memorable lines from any of the bands I like, not just Death Cab.

Until Sunday, as the French say it, adieu.

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i find that selling hair online is creepy. T_T

They can clone you using your hair D:

Comment by mishmashmosh

The Abu Dhabi looks mad inside. It looks ethereal or something like that.

The second stop motion video is cooler than the first. The woman in the first walks like the swag lady 😀

Comment by Eddy

Her name is Rachel I think.

Comment by SL

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