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It’s 1:09am and I’m blogging while watching Memoirs Of A Geisha. It’s interesting, so far.

I mentioned in yesterday’s blog that I usually get tired at around midnight, but there was no school today and so I’m not as tired; I woke up at noon. The afternoon was then spent doing maths at a very slow pace while watching a live show by Chris Cendana on BlogTV.


Chris Cendana is another famous YouTube artist who rose to fame when one of his original songs “When The Lights Burn Out” was featured (back when non-partner users were able to be featured), followed by another of his videos “Velvet Fingertips” being featured a while after. His style is based around his acoustic guitar, and all his videos are acoustic covers or original acoustic songs. I’ve been a fan of Chris’ since before he was famous, back when he only had around 200 subscribers. He now has over 24,000, and has recently released an album called Waiting, and an EP called Guarding Joey. Check out his website here and his YouTube page here; his video for “When The Lights Burn Out” is below.

Today I had the sudden urge to watch The Lion King again. Unfortunately I don’t have a copy of it (I think the VHS we have is broken), so instead I watched clips of it on YouTube. I ended up watching the videos for “Hakuna Matata” and “I Just Can’t Wait To Be King”, later downloaded the soundtrack for the movie, realising I had it on my old computer but lost it. I then learnt them on guitar and recorded an instrumental acoustic version of the latter. I might upload it somewhere someday. If anyone has The Lion King on their computer and are willing to give it to me, please let me know!


Hmm, it looks like tonight’s blog is a lot short than yesterday’s , even though I’m less tired. Weird. The point of my blog isn’t to make up a word count everyday, anyway, but rather to chronicle the random things I’ve done or found on the net each day.

The title of this blog is off the album of the same name, by Death Cab For Cutie. If you haven’t figured it out already, the reason for the title is in reference to the Chris Cendana’s live show, which I watched even though he is in Charlotte, NC in the States and it was broadcast at around 2am their time while it was 4pm here.

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I find when I’m pressured to do a blog a day I lose motivation to blog and find it a chore and burden rather than something fun 🙂

Comment by Bosco

Haha, I like to blog once a day just because I want to. But the point of this stub is that I want my blogs to be on separate calendar days. Two blogs saying “May 17” erks me. I still find it fun!

Comment by thepassengerseat

HAHA JERO! Can’t you alter the posting date? With blogger what I can do is write entries in advance, and post it so that it appears whenever you want it to.

Comment by Belle

Oh wait, I can. Oops. xD I’ll do that next time then! Haha, thanks for the tip.

Comment by thepassengerseat

Hey Jero,

I just had a thought. Have you ever considered being an architect? I was just reading some articles on some Scandinavian architects and how they’re at the forefront of modern design and I thought of your artistic skills!

Comment by Bosco

Funny you should say that Bosco. Up until the end of year 11 I wanted to be an architect for ages. That all changed one day, though, when I went to a seminar on it at UNSW and they said “if you want money, this is not the place to be” and that put me off a lot. The next best thing is Arts (Media) with Law, which also makes more use of my UAI.

And I wouldn’t be so sure about those “artistic skills”. That’s more for Janet. 😉

Comment by thepassengerseat

I really liked Memoirs of a Geisha! People were complaining about the accented English and how Chinese people played Japanese parts, but overall it was pretty good.

Comment by Quentin


have you seen Lion King 1 and a half? ..Anyway, it’s in the perspective of Timon and Pumbaa and it’s absolutely hilarious. (well it was when we watched it in year 7) hehe

yeah. it became a chore for me when more people started reading…ah well. it’s still fun =)

Comment by Krissybubbles

I still have my Lion King VHS! I can lend you it.

If blogging becomes a chore, something is wrong.

Comment by bk201

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