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Once again I’m blogging at a time that’s not the said posting time above. In fact, it’s well past that time; it’s 12:53 and I am really wasted. So, this will be a relatively short blog due to my current state of mind and the fact that I’ve found very few things that are worth blogging about lately.

Actually, if I stayed up and began this blog in an hours time it’d probably be really great. Isn’t it weird how that works? There’s always a certain point in the night when somehow all previous fatigue disappears to be replaced by a somewhat euphoric and receptive mood. For me, my day usually runs in a cycle of tiredness to alertness. Usually (on a school day), I begin the day with a horrible mood. Anyone who’s ever seen me in the mornings (my family) will know that I am definitely not a morning person. If my mum or brother try to talk to me in the mornings, it’s usually returned with “Mmm…” or silence. Following this tired stage is my alertness for the day. I’m usually fully awake by period two, and this goes on during the day until I get home. When I first arrive home I sometimes feel kind of tired, and I eat and just do nothing until about 5pm when I’ll start doing work or things like that. I stay good until around midnight when it should be time for me to sleep. Like now. At this point I’m really tired and in need of sleep. Now, on those rare nights I stay up later than 2am or during sleepovers, I begin to shift into the aforementioned euphoria. From past experiences, it has kicked in at around 3am. At sleepovers when I have pulled all-nighters, I am usually in this stage until around 7am when I get completely and utterly tired and I actually do sleep. Thankfully, I only reach the latter stage on very rare occasions.

Wow, that was weird. I think my brain flows a little bit better at night. By now I can’t even remember what I wrote in the last paragraph. I’ll probably have to read it again tomorrow.

Anyway, the main point of this blog was to showcase an artist I found today, named Justin Taylor (Belle, you will recognise the name, but it’s not the guitar one). His style is a kind of realism with some elements of impressionism, often using bright colours; which I really like (as mentioned in my previous blog, lack of color). Almost all his works are of the human figure, and his usual medium is oil on canvas or panel. A few of my favourite artworks of his are below, and you can check out his gallery on his website, linked above, for a larger view.

Coincidentally, Justin Taylor is also the name of a guitarist and songwriter introduced to me by Belle in our free period today. When I got home and looked him up on YouTube, I realised that I had already heard some of his songs, as I’ve been subscribed to the channel for CANdYRAT Records, a label that supports talented acoustic guitarist such as Justin Taylor. Below is the song Belle showed me today, called “Cheesy Little Love Song”.

And that is all for tonight’s blog. Goodnight, everyone.

PS. The title of this blog is from the album Plans.

PPS. Maybe it wasn’t that short after all.

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Hi Jeremy! I never knew you had a blog either, but found it from a mention on belle’s/swami’s blog.

I’m completely with you about the sleeping cycle thing, nowadays I can barely get out of bed in the morning and im half-asleep in the car on the way to school. The times i pull an all-nighter (sleepovers, philo camp) I hit euphoria anytime from 2 – 4 and then everything just seems funny. I loves it. Then I die by about 5.

As for Justin Taylor (painter), the 4th artwork was so freaking awesome.

Comment by Leeanne

I’m REALLY awake around 12.. and normally I can’t sleep well around 2 in the morning. (Part of being a teenager?)

The painting of the guy on the scooter is deep (I think xD) Justin Taylor ehh.. I know 3 now 🙂 There’s the Candy Rat one, there is one from Adelaide who is also a song artist (not that good though) and now an artistartist 😀 What a popular name!

mmm.. Justin Taylor…. ♥

Comment by Belle

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