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summer skin

Every time I blog I realise almost immediately after that there were so many other things I intended to blog about, but forgot to, and by then my blog is already too long anyway. Hopefully I can catch up on some of that stuff in this blog…

Today was Mother’s Day. The day started off with breakfast for my mum; my dad made french toast, MasterChef style. We then drove up (I drove) to Terrigal to visit our prospective schoolies house, called “Aquamarine”, at Forrester’s beach, to meet the owners and make sure it was legit. Turns out the owner, a 40-ish lady named Julie (with her 13 year old son), was really nice, and took us for a tour all around the house and to the beach nearby. I took plenty of photos, which can be viewed on my newly acquired Flickr. The photo set is available here. Then my mum sealed the deal and paid the deposit, a total of $1,750 (half the full fee), from the money I had collected from the group.

At Terrigal we went for a bit of a walk and I took some more photos (the sky was really nice today), then ate at a small cafe called bellyfish. We ordered four dishes to share: chicken pesto with fettucine; tomato, basil and parmesan pizza; chicken caesar burger; and tomato bruschetta with fetta cheese. I had an iced chocolate to drink. After lunch we went for another walk around town, before heading back to Sydney.


Lately I’ve been helping Janet sell some of her old jewelry on eBay. And by help, I mean that I’m making the pictures for her (from her photographs), like this one I did for a brooch:


On the topic things you wear, I thought I should showcase all of the Threadless t-shirts I own. I currently own six of them; the first two were from Janet for my birthday last year, and I recently purchased four more during a huge sale. In chronological order of when I received them…

What Do You Mean You Can’t See Him?


Skip Dessert




A Voyage To Lilliput




Monster Mash Collaboration of HORROR


To end this blog, I’ll leave you with another preview of an artist I discovered recently. Ratatat is an electronic music duo consisting of guitarist Mike Shroud and synthesiser/producer Evan Mast. Now, I don’t usually like electronica, but these guys appealed to me for some reason. I think my music taste is broadening. Check out their song “Shempi” (below), from their latest album LP3.


Wow, that was a pretty disjointed blog with unrelated subjects. Ah well. I promise tomorrows will be better. It’ll probably be art-based again.

“Summer Skin” is from the album Plans.

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The photos you took are v nice. PS touch up?

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