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Disclaimer/warning: this blog is going to be very, very heavily art-based.

Before I get to the art, there are a few music-related things I want to talk about.

The first is Field Studies, a 5-song EP by the bands This Will Destroy You and Lymbyc Systym. The style of both these bands music is instrumental ambient post-rock; it’s great to use as background music for any purpose as it’s very relaxing. The album art and LP for this album is really nice, too:


In my opinion, the best song on this album is “Freedom Blade” by This Will Destroy You. This song has been used in a video by Andrew Bravener, an artist and vlogger on YouTube. He really captures the mood and feel of the song in this video and it adds to the relaxing nature of the instrumentation.

Another great song is “Shiver” by Coldplay, from the Parachutes album. I discovered a new liking for this song yesterday after I saw this cover of it by ortoPilot (mentioned in Thursday’s blog, blacking out the friction):

And now, onto the art…

Today I was browsing through FFFFOUND!, which I once again discovered on James’ blog. I’m pretty much obsessed with this site right now; there’s so much new contemporary art there. Anyways, one of the styles of art which I’ve always loved is vector/vexel graphics. You might be asking “what the heck is a vector or vexel?”

vector \vek-tər\ n. Digital Graphics the use of geometrical primitives such as points, lines, curves, and shapes or polygons, which are all based on mathematical equations, to represent images in computer graphics.

Basically, a vector is an image created from solid shapes and lines, usually with bright, solid colours. The thing with vectors is that when they are enlarged there is no loss of quality and it doesn’t become pixelated. A vexel is a form of digital art which attempts to imitate this vector style, however it does become pixelated when you enlarge it or zoom in.

These are some nice vector/vexel artworks from FFFFOUND! (click the images for larger view):

I don’t know what the term is for this next style, but it’s a style where many images are stuck together, with some vexels to go with it. This style is very difficult to pull off, and for that I admire it. This one’s from deviantART.

Back to my FFFFOUND! findings, here’s a few which are kind of a mixture of the style above and vectors and fractals.

I love fractals. The colours on these next two are amazing.


I also really love typography, but whenever i try to do it myself it never works out.


And finally, some miscellaneous artworks.

There’s something about ink and its imperfections that appeals to me a lot:

The colours on this one are nice, and the dinosaur is just funny.

These next two are of battles in nature; with an edge.

And to finish off, a few random works that I have nothing to say about.


If you’ve come this far through this blog, I hope it wasn’t as much of an overload of art for you as it was for me. That’s all there is for today, but don’t be surprised if another blog like this comes up in the future.

I think you can guess the artist of the song in this blogs title. It’s from the album You Can Play These Songs With Chords.

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Creativity is aimless. Inspiration is free.

Nice entry, haha.

Comment by James

I really need to stop making multiple comments every time I try to. Wanted to say thanks for commenting. I never check the comments because no one ever does haha so I was suprised to see “1 Comment” instead of “0 Comments”.

Barely noticed the comment on my entry about blogs in general but luckily I did. Got love for it from Caroline also haha.

Comment by James

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