the passenger seat

death of an interior decorator

It’s late right now, so I’ll probably keep this short, but with more pictures. Yes, I know it says this was posted at 11:08pm, but I’m actually writing this at 1:10am. I posted an empty blog earlier in anticipation that I would not get to write it until after midnight. This meant that the date would have said May 9 instead of May 8, ruining the idea of my “daily” blogs. Yes, I am OCD about these things.

I was on James’ blog tonight and had a look at the links he has on his page. One site that really stood out for me was mandolux. This site is sort of a blog for artistic wallpapers, with a super-clean and very easy to navigate layout. The great thing about this page is that most of the wallpapers are designed for dual monitors, which I have, and links have been provided to almost every sized screen and resolution available. The dual-screen wallpapers work really well as they have taken into consideration the many different combinations of monitor sizes, allowing the wallpapers to line up perfectly between screens. Right now I’m using a separate wallpaper for each of my screens, however. My left screen is the left half of Zebra, while my right monitor is the right half of Broken Home.

Another great site I found on James’ blog is but does it float. I really love some of the artwork there; there are so many new ideas and concepts I have never seen before. I want to try this one day (it’s a magazine, cut out):

And of course there’s the age old art of doing interesting things with books and shelves and the like:

On my own trawls, I came across a blog by Ben Shafer, an amazing concept artist. He also uses some interesting medium. Here’s a seemingly ordinary painting, done on a program called “colors” on his Nintendo DS.

Here’s a sample of his concept art for “Hellgate London”:

Remember Banksy? The anonymous graffiti artist notorious for creating ingenius political artworks like this:

Well, it looks like he has some followers. Another anonymous artist going by the name of Above has seemed to have followed Banksy’s footsteps and created some art of his own in almost exactly the same style:

Anyway, to close out this blog, here’s a poem I found on a blog called New Art, which pretty much sums up how i feel right now, while writing this. This poem was part of a series called On The Wing, printed on six Air Luxor Boeing 737 planes in 1999 by Nedko Solakov.

If you keep staring at these
very letters, be sure, you will
fall asleep very, very soon….
just look at them.
Look at us…
read us again and again….
again and again….
and your eyes are closing….
the friendly sound
of the engine is caressing
your body….
you are already sleeping
although your eyes
might still be open….
and the beautiful dream
which disappeared
so mysteriously
this morning
will visit you again….

And with that; goodnight. 

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