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I figured now would be as any to introduce my accounts on the many networking-type sites I visit on the internet.

Facebook – Jero Tan | YouTube – Jero8 | Twitter – Jeroking8 | deviantART – Jeroking8

My deviantART is only updated on the rare occasion that I make something worth showing, and I don’t really use Twitter and YouTube for my own things; it’s more for keeping up to date with other more interesting people. Here’s a sample from my deviantART; a photo which I manipulated to give it a vintage look. I did a few of these after I’d played around with Photoshop and figured out how to achieve the effect after James mentioned it to me. The photo was taken by me on holiday in Langkawi, Malaysia.


Regarding other blogs, thanks James for the plug in your blog today. Your latest entry made it feel as if I were part of some secret club, which is awesome. Like you, I’d like to keep my blog on the down-low and within a group of close friends, but I guess I won’t mind if other people find it too. The only two blogs in my blogroll right now are transatlanticism (Janet’s) and re:discover (James’), and I think I’d like to keep it this way for some time, until someone else I’m close to makes a blog.

Anyway, onto the main part of this blog…

Today I played my first Hills game for the Winter 2009 Season, having missed last weeks game due to the HSC Information Evening, which turned out to be a huge waste of time. Well, we ended up losing forty-something to sixty-something (I don’t remember the actual score) against a team called “The Other Half”. We (“Bandits 1”) usually win against this team quite convincingly but unfortunately David Hayman, who is our star player (he plays at a national level), is injured for most of the term, and so we were not used to playing without his leadership on the court. His absence will mean that we won’t be winning every game as easily as we used to, but the upside is that the rest of the team now has a chance to get more ball and make more of a difference each game. I guess every Wednesday I’ll be posting the score of the game here, but that’s all I have to say on that today.

I gave my opinion on X-Men Origins: Wolverine in my last blog, and today, in preparation for Extension I English, I watched Lost In Translation. This film was kind of perplexing for me; I wasn’t really sure what to make of it after it had ended. To me, the film was just about a bunch of Japanese people speaking English very badly to an American man (Bill Murray) and his subsequent short-lived relationship with an American woman (Scarlett Johansson) from his hotel while in Japan on business. Oh, and there’s also the fact that he’s old enough to be her dad. In the end he simply leaves Japan and goes back to his family in America, and it was the sort of ending that kind of leaves you hanging and longing for more. My funny moments in the film: “LIP MY STOCKINGS” and the Japanese talk-show dance. You’ll know what I mean if you’ve seen it.


Although I watched Lost In Translation, I missed tonight’s episode of MasterChef because of my Hills game, and only caught the last ten minutes of it. From what I hear from my family, the challenge sounded really fun (“YOU MISSED THE BEST EPISODE EVER” – my brother/mum). Hopefully I can rewatch it someday. Along with my family, I’ve kind of developed a liking for Sam because he looks like a really nice guy, and I really wanted his team to win today. Unfortunately, they didn’t, and it’ll be interesting to see the reward for the other team and the elimination for Sam’s team.

Speaking of food…

During dinner today I put many fish sticks in my mouth. I devoured each and every one of them. Yum. I’m not even kidding; I love fish sticks.


Today’s blog title is named after another song by Death Cab For Cutie. “Information Travels Faster” is off The Photo Album, my equal-second favourite album by the band.

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Yeah, there are many different accounts on different websites. Really hard to manage! Hopeing if one account can manage all the sites.

Comment by Hua Chen

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