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we looked like giants
May 5, 2009, 11:22 pm
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…not really. Although the Castle Hill knockout hockey team were pretty small, comprising mostly of thirteen year olds. Sadly, we lost to them four goals to nil, but the game wasn’t as one-sided as the scoreline suggests. At halftime the score was 1-0, and it seemed close enough, but later in the second half they scored again, so we decided to push our offence and attempted to put up a fight. However, this meant we sacrificed our defence, and they ended up scoring two more goals late in the second, and by then it was all over.

I’d have to say, hockey turned out to be more fun than I expected it to be. Although I only got the ball maybe four or five times (and lost it swiftly each time), it was exhilirating to be out on the field playing a game I had never played before. My first and last game of hockey has brought me a new appreciation for the sport, and maybe I won’t be so quick to change channels next time it’s on tv.

Speaking of giants, what is with the massive Swine Flu scare? There have only been about 1500 confirmed cases and 27 deaths worldwide, and none confirmed in Australia, and yet everyone is making a huge fuss of it everywhere. Granted, I find it funny how it’s been getting colder and more people have been getting sick, and every time someone sneezes, it has to be Swine Flu.

swine flu alert!

It wasn’t pork, but the main ingredient for yesterday’s MasterChef was chicken. I’ve always liked cooking shows (don’t judge me), and MasterChef brings it to a whole new level. There’s something really gripping about watching twenty people in a room cooking at the same time and competing against eachother in an Idol-style competition, like Iron Chef on steroids. Yesterday’s show was their first cooking challenge in the new house and it was really interesting to see all the different dishes; I would’ve devoured most of them. Tonight’s episode was a bit of a letdown, however. There was absolutely no way Sam could have beaten a professional chef at his own specialty, and it sucks that they gave him the hope of going home to his wife. I don’t have any favourites yet, but I might as I follow this series through to the end.


There were no giants (what is with the giant theme?) in X-Men Origins: Wolverine (which I saw on Friday), but there were certianly lots of mutants. In fact, too many for my liking. The film for me was a bit of a disappointment. I liked the way they introduced Logan as a kid and through the wars and the subsequent bonding of adamantium to his skeleton, but from there things got a bit messy to me. I would’ve liked them to either focus more on Wolverine’s origin rather than the action, or else made the story tighter by not introducing too many new mutants. The end third of the movie kind of skipped between different characters, and because of this I didn’t feel a sense of closure at the end of the film. Also, I think they should’ve done more with Gambit and Cyclops, because they’re awesome. Overall, though, I did like the film, mainly because Wolverine is such a sick character. Hugh Jackman running across a field naked was hilarious.


One last thing: David Choi. David Choi is a singer, songwriter, guitarist and producer, and is currently one of the most famous amateur musicians on YouTube. I’ve been subscribed to him for a long time now; I love his chilled-out acoustic style. Recently he released his debut album, Only You. Check it out. I love it.

PS. The title of this blog is a song by Death Cab For Cutie, also from the album Transatlanticism.

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Excellent linking of texts throughout. Superbly written with some nice insight. 15/15

That aside, dope blog.

Comment by James

Excellent linking of texts throughout. Superbly written and with great insight. 15/15

That aside, dope blog.

Comment by James

lols, I thought my post didn’t work the first time so I double posted. Delete one, Jero.

Comment by James

lols, I thought my post didn’t work the first time so I double posted. Delete one, Jero.

Comment by James

I’m sorry for posting five times (now).

Comment by James

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